Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Big Eco Friendly Giveaway at Green Leaf Reviewer

Eco-Friendly Giveaway...at Green Leaf Reviewer

Photo above...natural Florida vegetation, lush and thick.

As Bloggers we all become aware that we have "friends" in our cyberworld that we have never met and yet we feel a closeness, a bond with. Jenn of Green Leaf Reviewer is such a friend, I became acquainted with her through her witty blog Random Lunacy. (To view Jenn's Green Leaf Reviewer blog just click on any highlighted hyperlink that I've put in my blog.)
Green Leaf Reviewer is having a fantastic giveaway that I wish to highlight for you and hope that you take a moment to check it out. But first of all I want to quickly answer the question; "What is Green Leaf Reviewer?" . Green Leaf Reviewer is a blog on helping us all go green, Jenn tests and reviews many green products, from household cleansers to facial cleansers. She gives her own candid reviews and scores these "green" productions according to how well they perform and their impact on the environment. She also gives reviews about companies and corporations that do their share to leave a smaller footprint on the ecology of this ever shrinking planet we call home.

Photos above...native Florida flora...Beauty Berry is on bottom...on top I don't know what it is but it is pretty.
Green Leaf Reviewer's giveaway prizes involves several different companies and products of which I have listed below:

Soda Stream ... turns water into a carbonated beverage with just a push of a button, then add condensed flavoring options to make a healthier version of your favorite soda right at home.

Filter for Good ... say goodbye to wasteful plastic bottles of store bought water. Pure, filtered tap water.

DuckSkinz ... SPF 100 protection, lightweight, moisture resistant, shirts and jackets.

Nahui Ollin Handbags ... cases or handbags made from gum and/or bottle wrappers. Totally green !

Garden Bon Bons ... bon bon like pellets made from seeds, compost and clay, just plant in garden or pot and add water to grow.

Sylvania Light Products ... Dot It Solar (solar powered LEDs), PalPodzzz (portable nightlight) , and LED Color Changing Coasters.

So please visit Green Leaf Reviewer, check out the giveaway, enter if you find it interests you ... also, if you wish, become a follower the Green Leaf Reviewer blog : http://green-reviewer.blogspot.com/


  1. hooray for going green!
    ps. those purple berries are pretty cool.. i have never seen them before!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway! I'll head over and check it out :)

  3. Wonderful photographs!
    Your Blog is beautiful, very soothing colors!


  4. Those berries, are they edible?
    Awesome photo!

  5. Cabin+Cub So true Cabin. It doesn't matter how much we do for even the smallest thing done by many people will have an impact...of course the more we do the bigger the impact. :)

    Thanks Aly - I wish TheMamaDramalogues at :http://themamadramalogues.blogspot.com/2010/02/giveaway-bring-on-spring-rolled-fabric.html all great success with their blog giveaway too. The fabric rose adornments are soooo pretty.

    Daniela&Andreas Thank you for visiting my blog...I love the sweet little owls that you create, so adorable.

    VISART - DaLi Designs No, unfortunately they seem to only be eaten by some of the birds, but birds will eat mistletoe berries which are very toxic to humans and our pets such as dogs and cats. The pretty purple Beauty Berry is mostly just for decoration. If the bushes I have growing out in our wild area thrive I'd like to cut some next fall for indoor decorations. They were mowed down about a year ago by a crew we hired to cut back some of the thick weeds...I didn't really want them to hack up the Beauty Berries, but guess we don't always get what we want.

  6. Love the Berries pic, I just want to eat those with cream but I bet they are poisonous :(

    Thanks for the heads up about Green Leaf Reviewer just popped over to enter :)

    I will add a link tomorrow when I blog :)

    Have a great evening, regards, T.

  7. I love the natural Florida foliage shot, and the pretty colors on the berries. So nice of you to feature your cyber-friend, lots of cool & worthwhile things. I think I'll look for garden bon-bons.
    Thank you for your 'visits' while we've been away. While we were at Mammoth it mostly snowed (not heavy though) but it was still very enjoyable.

  8. YEA!! Thanks so much for the link love and not only that but a whole post dedicated to this fun giveaway, you rock Anna! :-) I feel the same way too, its so strange how we can have such an impact on each other's lives without ever having met but it is there. I can't imagine having never read your words or seeing your beautiful photos my friend :-) I'm pulling for you to win one of these awesome gifties! Gorgeous photos here too, I think those berries just inspired my plaster color on a sample board I'm doing later so thanks!!

  9. And you are one of the winners YIPPIE! I was soooooo excited to see your number come up in the random generator because you've been such a huge supporter of GLR and it totally would have bummed me out if you didn't win haha. So anyway, shoot me an email at randomlunacy11 [at] yahoo [dot] com with your name & address and I'll get your giftie shipped asap! Congratulations my friend :-)


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