Saturday, September 17, 2011

Red Pine Mountain Blog Giveaway

A Giveaway is coming up and I had a post all typed out ... spent 2 days on it and then just wiped it out totally.  In the blink of an eye it was gone. The whole kit and caboodle completely deleted from my computer due to my new "ergonomic" key board. Every time I go to hit the  shift key with my right hand I invariably hit the button below it which deletes everything ... not just a letter or a word or even one paragraph ... it deletes the whole page and every link and every photo and leaves me with a big, empty, white box. Eeeeekkkkkk!  Well after I yelled and cried and yelled and cried some more, I wiped my tears and had to start ALL  over again. 
Sarah of RED PINE MOUNTAIN has graciously offered to help bring attention to my Brand New Etsy Shop, by hosting a GIVEAWAY for me. Since my shop DellMessina is new, I've been lacking in visits and truly needed some way of getting attention and traffic to my shop. So when Sara volunteered to do this giveaway, I jumped for joy. What an angel !

The GIVEAWAY is for this pair of beaded earrings that I call Monte Carlo.  To enter you must leave a comment on Sara's blog and check out all the ways you can earn an extra entry. 

If you're not familiar with her lovely blog please do take a visit. Please click on any one of the links in this post and take a peek at her sweet blog and also check out the giveaway. She is the hostess with the mostest and a one of the sweetest, dearest people anyone could ever meet.

Sarah I apologize that this isn't as complete as I would have like it to be but all I can say is ... you should have seen the post I had originally ... the one that my keyboard ate !!!


  1. I totally feel your pain our laptop does the same thing - makes me scream and gnash my teeth!!! These are so pretty I'll post to my FB too XOXO

  2. Wishing you well with your giveaway, Anna :)

    I hope your keyboard starts to behave itself. You might have to put it in time out (He! He!)

    Although, I know it really isn't funny at all when you spend time creating anything on the computer and with one accidental touch everything disappears :(

    Hope your weekend is going well :) regards, T. :)

  3. So pretty! Checking out her blog now... xo style, she wrote

  4. aggravating! I've done that before too...sooooooo frustrating!!!

    Those are so to check out her blog! :-)

  5. Yes, that has happened to me before but in my case, I blame Blogger!

    Gorgeous earrings! I'm hopping over now to Sara's blog!

  6. Oh no, the post that got away! The earrings are beautiful so I'm going over to Sara's blog right now!

  7. Hi ...
    I see you whistled by my site....I've a facebook page and you are welcome to it.


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