Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Alabama Doug Jones vs Tommy Tuberville

Doug Jones vs Tommy Tuberville

 Usually I am not political when blogging but this time I truly have to make a comment.  Alabama  is a pure red state but in 2016 it elected Doug Jones, a Democrat to US senate.  It was a very close race with Doug Jones just narrowly beating Republican, Roy Moore, who had been accused of picking up underaged girls in his past. Though that had not stopped a large portion of Alabamians from voting for Roy Moore, since many Alabamians are die hard republicans and will only vote for the person with an R next to their name on the ballot. Still the race was an extremely close one with Doug Jones beating Roy Moore by just a hair's breath.

 Doug Jones is a very mild mannered man and tends to not lean either too far right or left on the political spectrum, in all truthfulness I would say that Doug reminds me of what Republicans used to be a few decades ago. With his moderate and unbiased attitude he was able to work across the Senate aisle, allowing Doug to co-sponsor 22 bi-partisan bills with his republican counterparts.   In today's highly charged and very partisan atmosphere this was and is an outstanding accomplishment. On his own Doug sponsored 7 bills for a total of an impressive 29 bills.

Now Doug Jones is up for re-election and his opponent, a republican naturally, is a college football coach by the name of Tommy Tuberville.  Tuberville is a fairly recent transplant to the state of Alabama having moved there just 18 months prior, however his newness has not hampered him from gathering a following of Alabamians who proudly proclaim that anyone that's RED has to be much better than anybody that's BLUE.  

I find that both confusing and troubling as it is obvious that Doug Jones has more experience and expertise in politics than Tuberville, as their backgrounds are poles apart - one being in athletics and the other having studied law.  However I am going to put that aside as there is something so much MORE important and that is the very character, nature and ethics between these two candidates vying to represent the state of Alabama in the US senate.

I've visited Doug Jones's Facebook page frequently and was more than aware that it was awash with trolls leaving denigrating remarks and harassing those who expressed support of Doug Jones.  That is just the cost of being either a political figure or a celebrity - you accept the comments of your supporters as well as the comments of those who oppose you.  THAT is USUALLY !

Yesterday I visited Tommy Tuberville's Facebook page, which seemed remarkably absent of dissenters.  I did notice a couple of comments where people had asked Tuberville why he declined a debate with Jones.  I decided to reply to one such question and mentioned that perhaps Tuberville felt he could not hold a candle to Doug Jones in a debate as Tuberville lacked the experience that Jones has had or the background in law.

Shortly after having left my comment I got a Facebook notice that, lo and behold, Tommy Tuberville had left an emoji on my comment.  That in itself was a surprise as most politicians simply post what they've been doing and then allow their followers free reign to leave comments.  But it was more surprising to see that Tuberville had left a laughing emoji (which in this sense was a sign of ridicule and was his way of thumbing his nose at me).  Granted that action of Tuberville's in itself would be considered immature and completely unprofessional.  However when I went back to Tuberville's Facebook page I was shocked to see that my comment was no longer visible nor was I able to click on any of the emoji as apparently Tommy Tuberville,  this candidate running for US senate,  had BLOCKED me!  I also noticed that other comments which had been in the negative had also been BLOCKED.   

Sorry coach Tuberville, but that is NOT how it is supposed to work.  You are now a public figure and you are supposed to take the comments of your fans along with the comments of those who oppose you.  ALL other politicians do so and your having blocked people just because they do not praise you shows just how immature, unprofessional and likewise totally unqualified you are to be a member of the United Sates Senate  - and Alabama certainly deserves better than an over inflated-egotistic  jock to represent its people in the US senate. 

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