Thursday, November 17, 2011

Something Good in Everyday

Today I'm joining Annette of So Many Memories on Thankful Thursday. 
As I walked down my street yesterday I saw the most amazing plant, a huge 10 ft tall bush of lovely, bright yellow sunflowers.  I am so thankful for nature's incredible beauty. 

I also wish to thank Kristen of BeadJourney for her post about Erin's Simple Truths at her etsy shop TesoriTrovati and Erin's Treasures Found .   for it was through these two that I discovered a great knowledge, this quote of truism ...
"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day." ~ Anonymous 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Circuits Are Fried

Framed and ready to hang.

I believe my circuits are fried !  Lately I have been suffering from a serious case of "Internet Burn-Out" and it's taken a lot of will power to even turn on my computer.  Normally my blog and  comments have been  overly verbose but for the past few weeks it's been a battle to come up with anything to say or any ideas that appear fresh and remotely interesting.  I beg for your patience and hope that you will stick with me as I try to muddle through this.  Hopefully it will pass as most things do.

Most of you are familiar with T @ Poppy Place PDX and her wonderful photography.  Her online studio PhotosByChipperfield is overflowing with breathtakingly beautiful pictures that she's captured through the lens of her camera.  Quite some time ago I purchased a lovely triad of T's photos, they arrived  well packaged and in pristine condition, naturally I wished to keep them that way so I carefully harbored them at the very bottom of an almost empty drawer.  Out of sight, out of mind ... bad idea.
It was only months later, when I ran across a big ad for a local arts and crafts shop's 50% off frame sale, that my memory was jogged and I retrieved the hidden treasure of T's photos.  With photos in hand I went and browsed through an impressive frame and mat section and, after what seemed like hours upon end, decided upon 3 suitable frames. You can have frames custom made but I strongly recommend reserving that option for artwork that is of unusual dimensions as custom matting and framing can become quite expensive.  
The frames I chose complimented T's photos without detracting from them and were a subtle color that went well with the tones in the photo and the frames came with their own acid free mats.  At 50% off I was able to purchase 3 nice frames (with mats) for around $30, about $10 per frame. Couldn't get much better than that !
 It is amazing what frames and mats can do for art work, it's like that little bit of make-up that transforms a pretty woman into a gorgeous one.  I think sometimes we tend not to see the complete picture and  may not envision how something will look when complete.  T's photo's were lovely to begin with but when matted and framed I was beyond impressed, I was actually exuberant and had to show them off to anyone and everyone that came into my home.
 T's beautiful photography is now encased in their frames and are in position where I had always planned to place them ... only problem is now I need to repaint the room as the neutral Navajo white walls are far more yellow than I realized and don't work well with the slightly mauve tones  of the photos and frames.  Well  yet another thing to add to my "honey-do list" .  :D
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