Monday, December 27, 2010

Blizzards Can be a Blessing

Photo above...Christmas morning - No, our son-in-law didn't put the plastic bag over his head, it only looks like he did.  He decided to give the bag a shake to open it up just as I snapped the photo.  Great timing!

It has been a most wonderful Christmas and what has made it so is the fact that my youngest daughter, Wendi, was able to spend it with us.  Normally she arrives just a few short days before December 25th and leaves on the 26th, scarcely staying a full week.  However this year was different, she was longing to get away from NY, NY for a while and she scheduled her trip from December 15th through the 25th, with her return flight booked on December 26th. 

Photo above...Grandchildren gathered around their gifts.

Photo above...My older daughter, Kathi, with her daughter Lexie.  Lexie just opened a gift of a sterling charm necklace, the charm is of a prancing pony, which Lexie loves.

On December 26th all flights departing for NY, after a certain hour, were cancelled, so Wendi ended up booking another flight for the afternoon of the 27th, unfortunately that flight would depart from Fort Myers about 84 miles south of us.  Just before noon on Monday, that flight too was cancelled .  Seems Wendi can't get a flight until Thursday as there is a backlog of passengers returning to NY and they will all have to wait for better weather conditions.

Though I'm delighted to have her here with us I've had to contain my glee as I know she is concerned about her job, returning home to complete things that need to be done and to take care of her beloved kitty cat, Mimi.  Undoubtedly Mimi is going to be more than a little miffed about being left in the hands of a kitty sitter and I imagine she will not be too understanding about the fact that planes do not fly into or out of blizzard conditions.
Meanwhile I continue to enjoy having Wendi here with us as it has been a truly wonderful 12 days of shopping with her, decorating, talking, shopping, doing crafts together (she embroiders and I make jewelry), shopping, fixing meals and cleaning up the dishes and ah ... did I mention shopping ?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home For Christmas

Yesterday my daughter Wendi, the youngest of my girls, came in from New York to spend Christmas with us.  It is lovely to have her home and rarely does she stay for such an extended visit.  Basically I intend to enjoy her being here which may mean that I’ll have to neglect my blog.  Sometimes we have to prioritize and, in this case, the time with my daughter is limited and therefore of great importance to me. 

Believe me when I say to you, my handful of faithful readers, that you will be on my mind during my absence.  Until my next post I wish you all well, I wish you the many joys and blessings of the season regardless of your religious denomination , and I wish you peace and prosperity.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Beginning To Feel ...

Before our Florida cold snap we had a forewarning that our weather was about to change, it came in the form of dense morning fog.  These photos were taken a few short weeks ago.
Photo above ... Looking out across our front yard.

Photo below ... Looking out across our back yard. 
Photo below ... Our poinsettia bush was just starting to show a tinge of red.  Here it is covered in dew drops from the heavy fog.

Photo above ... A better picture of the, not yet fully mature, poinsettia bracts.
Photo below...Dew drops on poinsettia bush. 

Photos below ... Amazing what a change a couple of weeks can make.  The red bracts of the poinsettias have gotten bigger and brighter.  This bush stands at almost 4 feet high and is covered in bright red poinsettias. Hope we can keep the frost from damaging this lovely display of Christmas red and green.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

UPDATE - - - Good News For The Holidays

As many of you may know, the company that my daughter Kathi worked for had been sold to another corporation and that corporation, in an attempt to balance the books, went through and down-sized its new acquisition. Like most buyouts the new company was not a local one nor did it have any knowledge of the people they would be letting go, theirs was strictly a numbers game and the higher salaried employees were at the top of the list of those to be dismissed. Kathi had work for NDC for a number of years and had become an intrigal part of the company. John McKay, her old boss at NDC, had been an ex Florida State Senator and was a founder of NDC. In the years that Kathi worked for NDC she impressed those she worked with and for.  Her boss and her peers thought well of her, respected her for her intelligence, work ethics, and her ability to learn quickly and adapt.

Soon after Kathi lost her job, John McKay called her to pass on information that he had put in a good word for her with District 58's new Representative, Jim Boyd. Jim Boyd's office had a position open and was looking for someone qualified to fill it, John McKay recommended Kathi for the position.

Boyd's office got in touch with Kathi almost immediately and scheduled an interview, it was as though this was meant to be. The interview was most successful, they were highly impressed with Kathi and her résumé and Kathi left the interview with a very positive feeling. Shortly after the interview they contacted her again to tell her that she had the job. Though the pay is less the job sounds interesting, she will have to go to Tallahassee for special training and she is delighted with her new job title "District Executive Secretary". Her daddy smiled when he heard and he commented; "Well as they always say; 'If you can't give them the money; give them a title.' "

Kathi is really excited about her new job and is looking forward to her up coming training session in Tallahassee. This is certainly a new direction in her career and it's nice to know that their Christmas won't be darkened by her being unemployed, or worries about paying bills or thoughts about having to sell her daughter's new horse, Scooby (this would have broken Lexie's heart).
Photo below...Lexie and Scooby BFF.

I also wish to thank all of you for your comments of concern and best wishes for our daughter, your caring thoughts were all appreciated and cherished. Thank you.
I've always been a believer that things happen for a reason, that our Creator knows which direction He wishes us to take and all we have to do is look for His signs and follow them. Of course sometimes His signs are very subtle, sometimes we don't see them and sometimes we choose not to see them, much to our detriment.
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