Monday, December 27, 2010

Blizzards Can be a Blessing

Photo above...Christmas morning - No, our son-in-law didn't put the plastic bag over his head, it only looks like he did.  He decided to give the bag a shake to open it up just as I snapped the photo.  Great timing!

It has been a most wonderful Christmas and what has made it so is the fact that my youngest daughter, Wendi, was able to spend it with us.  Normally she arrives just a few short days before December 25th and leaves on the 26th, scarcely staying a full week.  However this year was different, she was longing to get away from NY, NY for a while and she scheduled her trip from December 15th through the 25th, with her return flight booked on December 26th. 

Photo above...Grandchildren gathered around their gifts.

Photo above...My older daughter, Kathi, with her daughter Lexie.  Lexie just opened a gift of a sterling charm necklace, the charm is of a prancing pony, which Lexie loves.

On December 26th all flights departing for NY, after a certain hour, were cancelled, so Wendi ended up booking another flight for the afternoon of the 27th, unfortunately that flight would depart from Fort Myers about 84 miles south of us.  Just before noon on Monday, that flight too was cancelled .  Seems Wendi can't get a flight until Thursday as there is a backlog of passengers returning to NY and they will all have to wait for better weather conditions.

Though I'm delighted to have her here with us I've had to contain my glee as I know she is concerned about her job, returning home to complete things that need to be done and to take care of her beloved kitty cat, Mimi.  Undoubtedly Mimi is going to be more than a little miffed about being left in the hands of a kitty sitter and I imagine she will not be too understanding about the fact that planes do not fly into or out of blizzard conditions.
Meanwhile I continue to enjoy having Wendi here with us as it has been a truly wonderful 12 days of shopping with her, decorating, talking, shopping, doing crafts together (she embroiders and I make jewelry), shopping, fixing meals and cleaning up the dishes and ah ... did I mention shopping ?


  1. That picture is too funny! It does indeed look like he is putting his head in a plastic bag. TOO FUNNY!

  2. Sometimes nasty weather brings great side effects!

    So glad to hear that you are enjoying a wonderful Holiday!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and that Wendi was able to stay longer than usual. Time with our children grows even more precious as they get older. My son headed back to Brooklyn today. I'll be on pins and needles til I hear he's safe.

  4. Yeah, we had a dump of snow too last night. But I'm glad you have extra time with your daughter! Hope your new year will be a great one! Pearl

  5. Ah, looks like it was a lovely Christmas!! ^__^

  6. Great family photos :-) I've been hearing from some of my NY friends that because of the state of emergency lots of companies were still going to be closed today (crazy!) so hopefully she didn't get any flack from her boss. Plus LGA didn't open until about 3:00 yesterday & JFK was still closed at that time. It was quite the interesting 24 hours around the northeast I can tell you that! I posted a few pics over on Random Luncay, hope you get a chance to check em out once your family has gone & you're settled back into regular everyday winter again (like me...cabin fever is full on but I refuse to drive when the roads look like they do!) Happy New Year my friend! I hope everyone makes it home safe & sound.

  7. Anna, I feel your joy. :)

    I understand that Wendi would be anxious to get back for job and Kitti but I am sure she is as delighted as you to spend more time tog.

    Have fun, regards, T. :)


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