Monday, January 6, 2014

I Don't Love You Anymore !

A storm is brewing
Last night my daughter called. She was in tears, heart  breaking, sobbing tears.  Her husband of 19 years just told her he wants a divorce, that he no longer is in love with her.   It was shattering news and I could feel my daughter's pain as though it were my own.

What can a mother do ?  I tried  to console her and then  suggested  they try to salvage their marriage by going to a marriage counselor together to find out what the root problems were .  She said she already suggested  that but her husband said no, he didn't want to go and that it wouldn't change anything as he has been unhappy in the marriage for a very long time.   I still think a marriage counselor would help, they're trained to ask the right questions, to dig deep and bring up the real issues that are hidden under emotions of  frustration, contempt,  or disillusion.
Right now  my daughter's life seems to be in chaos and I am praying that she and our son-in-law will somehow work through it all to save their marriage.   19 years together is quiet an investment of time and is worth taking a few weeks or even months of counseling to try to save. 
I'll be praying for them.
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