Monday, April 8, 2013

Good-Bye Dear Annette - I'll Remember You Forever

I feel like I've just lost a piece of my childhood !
Annette Funicello just passed away.  The darling of the Mouseketters.  She was the one that I and my sixth grade girl friends could relate to; more like a good friend than an idol.  All the boys had a crush on her because she was cute, sweet and smart - she was more like "the girl next door" than a teenage sex-pot, making her not as frightening as . . . oh let's say Bridget Bardot. 

I feel as though I've just lost a friend, though I've never met her.  I remember when she told the world that she had Multiple Sclerosis. It was heart breaking news but she smiled through it and fought her battle with MS with courage and valor, never wishing to be pampered or wanting to wallow in self-pity. 

Annette Funicello was a girl and then a woman with honor, integrity and class.  She will long be remember with love.  Good-by dear Annette - we 'll always love you.
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