Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Snowbirds ... and some are not

Welcome to sunny southwest Florida where the snowbirds flock to flee the icy winds of northern winters and bask on our sugar white, sandy beaches. Then, when the humidity and heat show the slightest hints of climbing, they pack up and head north again.   We have, however, a couple of northern snowbirds that have chosen to stick around this summer; a pair of Canadian Geese.

Mom and pop geese built a nest on the tiny island in the middle of our neighbor's pond and proceeded to lay a clutch of 6 eggs.  For  many weeks mama goose sat patiently on her eggs and waited ... week after dreary long week, until finally her babies hatched. 

 Unfortunately only 4 of the eggs were viable but 4 out of 6 isn't too bad.  We've been enjoying watching the little fuzzy goslings grow and grow they do; very rapidly.  The parents have, so far, managed to protect their little ones from our local hawks and cats and dogs.  Now the only question is :  are the baby geese still considered Canadian or are they now native Floridian Geese ???

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