Friday, January 11, 2013

Clicking My Needles

Photo above - my handmade felt "Welcome Bear" goes up on my front door ever Christmas.
Okay, blogger is going to give me headaches so guess I'll just have to work around it until they find and fix the problem (or until I pick up a new browser such as Firefox).   I have uploaded photos from my PC to Picasa Web Albums and then I've uploaded them from there to here. Sort of like going around the block twice to get to your next door neighbor's house. :D
Christmas was an enjoyable time at our house as Wendi, our daughter in New York, came down and spent a couple of weeks with us. It was wonderful to have her here and I hated to see her go. I also did not have to worry about filling Christmas orders from my etsy shop Almost Precious as for the months of Nov - Dec  I only had one order for each month, both were for a pair of my Christmas earrings.
Photo of Candy Cane beaded earrings sold on Nov. 11th 2012
Can't say as I was swamped with business, LOL, but at least it allowed me to enjoy time with Wendi. 
Photo above of Holly Berries earrings sold the week before Christmas 2012
Also on a joyful note, the person who purchased the lovely Christmas "Holly Berries" earrings emailed me to let me know that the earrings arrived safely and were everything she hoped they would be. Her only down side she said, was that she would not be able to wear them all year long. :)
Over the past couple of months I've done more knitting and crochet work than making jewelry. This fuzzy scarf is so soft and warm that it almost makes me wish I lived in a cold climate . . . almost ! Wendi loved it and thinks it is adorable and as soft as a baby kitten.  Now I need to make one for her as this one is going into my etsy shop - guess if it doesn't sell then Wendi will have two "Lulu" scarves to keep her warm during NY winters.
Lulu?  Yes I named this scarf  Lulu.  How did I come up with the name "Lulu" ? Well most of you are far too young to remember a comic book character, of many ages gone by, called Lulu and the comic books were titled "Little Lulu". Little Lulu had her dark hair fixed in springy, coils and it was the spiraling fringe on this scarf that reminded me of Lulu's  hair-do.
Wendi and I think this fringe is both cute and novel. Hope others do too and that some sweet soul will purchase the scarf.   I have it listed on etsy but etsy has rapidly been getting a reputation of cheaply priced items - I've even heard people refer to it as "Etsy Yardsale" - "etsy-bay" and that etsy is just another version of Craig's List -  now I'm wondering if maybe my stuff is too expensive for those who shop on etsy?
I was recently on another site that had posted suggestions on where one could go online to sell their creations - the first site mentioned was, of course, etsy. It was eye opening to read so many comments that denigrated etsy. Several said that etsy was getting old; others said there were too many resellers and too many tacky craft items on etsy; a few bemoaned that etsy allowed venders to copy the creations of other venders and sell them as their own. I suppose when a site becomes as big as etsy is, it become hard, if not impossible to police things (though that never seemed to slow them down when it came to the forums and shutting down threads - LOL).
What is your opinion about etsy and do you think there are any other sites that are as good or even better than etsy ?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh Blogger why do you do this ?

Would love to do a blog post but cannot access my PC photo files as blogger will not give me the browse window that I require.  Below are my list of options (none of which pertain to photo files on my computer) and when I click on UPLOAD nothing happens !!!

From this blog 
From Picasa Web
From your phone
From your webcam
From a URL
Also Blogger is hiccuping today and about every 5 to 10 seconds my cursor freezes up for several moments before it allows me to continue typing.
So many times I find myself wondering if maybe there could be something out there a whole lot better than Blogger Blogspot? 

Oh Blogger why do you do this ?
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