Sunday, March 19, 2017


Make-up.  Some of us love it some of us hate it, but most of us have used it to some extent. 
I confess that I'm not a big make-up aficionado  but I do use it.  Sometimes I  wear a lot, like when  I'm going out somewhere special, sometimes I wear just a little and quite often I wear none at all.  Regardless of how often one wears make-up or even how much make-up they wear, the real chore is in removing it.  Eye make-up tends to be the most difficult to remove . . . especially that stubborn, hard to remove  mascara.
I have tried a number of things from different soaps and creams to products actually designed to remove eye make-up, and for the most part have been only moderately satisfied with the methods of removal.  The majority have been mediocre at best.  Soap is effective but drying to the skin, especially around the eye area, and some scrubbing is required, creams are messy and many did not dissolve the mascara sufficiently,  also  many products left my eyes red and burning.
Recently I discovered a safe, natural product that dissolves make-up, even mascara, efficiently and doesn't burn my eyes or dry out my skin.  It is cost efficient and  easy to find in your local supermarket.  It  is plain and simple; Coconut Oil.  I purchase the Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and find it in the aisle with the oils and shortening.
Coconut Oil is a soft solid at normal room temperature in much the same way that butter or margarine is and at slightly warmer temps it becomes a  slightly cloudy but colorless liquid, refrigerated it becomes just as hard as a stick of butter.  It also smells just like coconut, which some may not like but I find very pleasant.
When I wish to remove my make-up I take about a teaspoon  of the coconut oil and massage it gently over my face, paying extra attention to my eyelashes .  After massaging a bit, I gently remove the coconut oil and the dissolved make up with a soft tissue or two.  Afterwards I cleanse my face as I normally would . . . in my case I'm fond of " Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser  "  I find it leaves my skin soft and hydrated .  According to the Neutrogena webpage the product description reads:
 The rich, cushioning formula cleanses skin without over-drying and gently washes away dull surface skin cells.  Infused with antioxidant white tea and moisturizing vitamin E, the formula boosts three signs of healthy-looking skin: softness, evenness, and radiance. For skin that looks and feels healthy every day.
·         Oil-free
·         Dermatologist tested
·         Won't over-dry skin
Of course each and every one of us if different and what works for one does not work for all.  So I highly recommend  that if you wish to try either the Coconut Oil or the Neutrogena  Facial Cleanser, that you  should try just a tiny amount on a small inconspicuous test area of skin to see if you have any type of reaction such as:  burning, itching, redness, or rash.  My skin tends to be sensitive and there are many products that I cannot use, however I have not experienced any negative reactions with either the Cold pressed, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  or the " Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser  " .
If you try it please let me know if it works for you and how you like or dislike it.
By-the-way, this is an unsolicited endorsement,  I am not a product sponsor  for Neutrogena nor am I receiving  any type of reimbursement  either monetary or otherwise for this blog write-up

Monday, August 24, 2015


Continued from previous post
Eagerly I rushed to verify if my revelation was correct or not.  Removing the pile of clothes from the top shelf of the cabinet, I could tell it definitely contained  some pattern pieces but as I withdrew the pieces I realized they were pinned to fabric and were not of the pattern that I had been looking for.  This pattern had been pinned to a kitschy, cute pineapple print, fabric and had even been carefully cut out.  But then, in the flurry of getting our home ready to put on the market, I had tossed it in with a bunch of  clothing that I was going to repair "someday", and for the last 10 years or so it had sat around,  forgotten and with pins and tissue pattern still attached, waiting for me to "someday" put it together. 

To my surprise, as I extracted this unfinished garment from the pile, there, buried with it, was the pattern package that I had spent hours searching for. 
Of course now my priorities had changed.  After all, this unfinished garment had been waiting far longer and deserved to be moved to the top of my to do list. 
Yes I finally completed the dress with the sweet pineapple print . . .
 and the first time I wore it, my daughter asked if it was new and if I had made it.  I replied; "Yes. Yes I did make it and it only took me 10 years."

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Misplaced in the Move

Searching for a lost pattern
In my last post I explained how  had I ruined a favorite dress, so it was only natural for me to decide to make another dress like it.  Somewhere there was a pattern but exactly where?  
Back in 2005 we had put our home up for sale and, trying to make my home real estate perfect, I gathered up all clutter and anything I felt was extraneous; furniture, books, cookbooks,  brick-a-brack.  This included all  (yes ALL) of my craft supplies, even my sewing and sewing machine. 
Our home sold quickly, too quickly really, we had to rent a tiny villa while we searched for a place to live full time.  We ended up buying close to 3 acres of land and building a modest ranch style house.  This took about 18 months, more or less. Meanwhile most of our belongs remained in storage.
We finally moved into our new home in July of 2007.  Even though that was 8 years ago much of my craft supplies are still stashed in miscellaneous boxes that are scattered about in various closets.  It was like an Easter Egg Hunt, trying to locate this particular pattern.  I looked in box after box, searched through drawers, plowed through every cabinet that I knew I had stashed crafting supplies within and . . . Nothing !  The pattern could not be found.  Then I remembered that in my personal closet, within a cabinet that I use to store hats and sweaters, I had seen a piece of pattern tissue sticking out from under a pile of clothes that needed repair.  Could this be my missing pattern ?
To Be Continued . . .

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Skirt Tail

My favorite skirt - no the ruffle doesn't really hang lopsided, it is just the way I attached it to the hanger.
In my zeal to finish some long standing projects, I deviated frequently from jewelry revamps to revamping my wardrobe. 

We all have favorite garments, something we tend to wear over and over again.  For me it's a mid-calf length, blue denim skirt that I truly adore because it looks good on me and is very comfortable.  Unfortunately a greasy stain marred the front of the skirt.  Before laundering  I tried to remove the stain with a stain stick and a great deal of  scrubbing.  Once the garment had gone through the wash and dry cycle, I was dismayed to see the stain was gone but in its place was a very light, almost white patch of fabric.  Perhaps the stain would have been better?

The skirt was put aside as I decided to "someday" try dying it with Rit fabric dye.   Finally that "Day" actually came.  Having bought a package of Rit, powder dye, in a dark denim blue, I proceeded to follow the instructions very carefully.  Naturally, like the idiot that I can often be, I failed to don an apron or change into the grubbiest of my grubby, "Never to be worn outside of the house" clothes.  Instead I was wearing a comfortably old, yet relatively nice, A-line dress.  It was one that I had made from a Simplicity pattern, using a soft, comfy, cotton interlock knit, in a pastel, apple green.  The dress, much like the skirt, was a favorite of mine and was worn often.

I had made the sleeveless, short version (shown in white on pattern).
Honestly I was trying to be very cautious but as I lifted the wet, freshly dyed skirt from its steaming hot, dye bath, it slipped and flopped back into the basin with a mighty splash.  Naturally the splash of indigo dyed water targeted my apple green dress.  At the moment there was little I could do except remove the dress and toss it into the basin along with the skirt.  Anyway, the skirt turned out beautifully . . . the apple-green, A-line dress however looked like c_ _ p ! 
Since I hadn't  time to prewash it (as the dye bath was still nice and hot and would be cold had I taken time to properly launder the dress)  the dye took unevenly, also my dress came out a shade of drab, charcoal gray rather than a clean denim blue.  :(

Okay, so now I had yet another project on my list . . .  make a new A-line dress like the one I had just ruined.  Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed !

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Cornucopia of Not-Quite-Right Pieces

My stash of Superduo mixed mettalics purchased many months ago for a project that I  have yet to make . . . perhaps mañana !

As mentioned in my last post, I've been busy catching up on many projects, most of which have been long overdue for my attention.

A drawer, filled with necklaces, bracelets and earrings all begging to be revamped, fixed or totally disassembled and re-fabricated.  Over the years I had stashed these pieces away with good intentions and the promise of  mañana, but as that old song goes; "Tomorrow  never comes".

Quite often the problem with the piece of jewelry was that the clasp was difficult to close.  Difficult enough that a customer would prefer not to purchase it.  These were the first pieces I decided to tackle, replacing obstinate  clasps with something more user friendly.


Pretty toggle clasp on beaded rope necklace - pretty but a pain to close and to open.
I've removed the difficult clasp and made a sweet, beaded button clasp to replace it. Now it is much easier to  put the necklace on and take it off.

Then there were those pieces that were okay but just not note-worthy. They were the pieces that when  completed I hadn't felt that flush of joy at how they turned out.  In the back of my mind they were okay and sometimes "okay" just isn't good enough . . .  if you know what I mean?
This choker started out as a pair of hoop earrings.  The earrings were "okay" but not much else.  Granted I had to make up and add a whole lot more of those pearl embellished, turquoise blue, glass beads, but I think it was worth it. 
Matter-of-fact, I liked the choker design so much that I took a plain necklace of Unakite teardrops and remade it into a similar choker using different colored accent beads (below).


This piece was a simple beaded rope with a drab, silver glass, disc bead at its center.  Revamping entailed taking it completely apart as I decided upon an asymmetrical design.  The drab, silver focal bead was replaced with a Swarovski Crystal Pearl in a soft Jade blue-green, and sits in my hand beaded bezel (above).  Opposite the bezeled pearl are multi-strands of teal, seed beads held in cute, tulip shaped bead cones (below).


These are just a tiny portion of the remakes that I've been preoccupied with, and  no, I haven't cleaned out that "Fix-it or Remake it" drawer.  Probably I will never see the bottom of that drawer, but at least I've managed to make a dent in it . . .  albeit a small dent.  Have you experienced that sensation where you're not really disappointed in something that you've made but you're not ecstatic about it either ?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

In 800 Words or Less

August is just about over and Autumn is just around the corner.  Soon children will be returning to school, but before school actually begins there will be that yearly, mad rush to purchase a mile long list of "needed" school supplies, along with new shoes and new school clothes.  It's a cycle that starts when a child enters kindergarten and doesn't cease until they either graduate from college or get married. 

Thinking about the start of the school year brings back memories.  Perhaps it was just a coincidence but it appeared to me that it was more like a tradition, the first thing that everyone of my elementary school teachers would request of her students was for us to write about "What You Did During Summer Vacation".  Does that sound familiar to any of you ?

Well my summer vacations were usually boring as we seldom went anywhere and I spent most of my days playing various outdoor games, such as hopscotch or jump-rope or, quite often,  just  goofing off with my friends.  This never made for interesting literature, unlike the kids who had been lucky enough to journey to other cities, states or far-away-places.

So this leads me to the question of "Just What the Heck HAVE I Done This Summer?"

I know that I've been away from blogging for quite some time and must confess it wasn't due to taking long trips to exciting or exotic places.  For me it was a summer of staying close to home and catching up on a lot of projects.

Over the course of 15 plus years, I've accumulated a lot of unfinished projects.  Pieces of jewelry that I had stashed away to remake and things I wanted to make but never began.  Unfortunately I plowed into these projects and never thought to take before or after photos.  Of course had I taken time to photograph the before and after of all the projects that I managed to tackle I would not have completed nearly as many as I did and I would probably still be editing photos.

Hopefully in my next post I can provide more details.  Meanwhile, in 800 words or less, let me know what you've all been up to this summer.  :)

Saturday, April 25, 2015


We've all seen those empty storefronts in shopping centers and malls, perhaps we've even toyed with a dream of opening our own little shop.  Unfortunately all the technicalities, legalities, and uncertainties prevented our dream from going from fantasy to reality.  Recently I searched online to find more information regarding pop-up retail and came across this interesting website:

A  crafter who is able to mass produce their products could probably fill an typical sized mall storefront with little problem, on the other hand a small time, cottage  business would find it difficult to fill a few shelves.  GoVacant seems to have the answer and can accommodate both the big time entrepreneurs that require a spacious storefront,  or  the little mom and pop visionaries who need little more than a small kiosk.

I could also see how something like this could benefit a group of artists and crafters, working together to fill the shelves of retail business.

Patty  Gasparino  was lovely to drop by and give me additional information about Pop-Ups that's happening in her area. The idea of a shop within a shop sounds both promising and exciting.  It's definitely something worthy of consideration.

"Hey Anna Thanks so much for the shout out! Well as I have been seeing it the "new" Pop-Up shop is INSIDE another current retail location OR a purposeful set up in an ongoing location. IE There is a bakery that on the first Thursday of the month sets up a "Pop-up Shop night" and stays open late with cupcakes, drinks and music for a little extra shopping. I love these type of pop-ups as I think it could be a win-win for all concerned. The second I've seen is the "Once a month pp up" in a specific location. Think Farmers Market for crafts! I like this idea too - if you have the right venue people will come to seek you out. I actually haven't come across any around here of the vacant shop variety and I might be less enthusiastic about that unless it were a regular thing that would build a clientele. So maybe what is old has a new life again? XO"
Patty's facebook page can be reached HERE.

Below are a few of the comments I've received  regarding my post on Pop-Up Shops.

 Kokopelli Design  

"Sounds interesting! Following......"


"That's pretty cool! We have quite a bit of empty store front around here that'd do well with a pop up shop, but the landlords around here are too greedy I think."


"Well, I'm intrigued! I haven't heard of them, but after doing some research, it sounds like a big thing. I don't think it would work where I live, but I'm in a kind of rural area. Would love to hear if anyone else has done this."
Plowing Through Life (Martha) 

"This is a great idea!"


"We've been pondering this for our do an "occasional sale" maybe bi monthly, quarterly or even once a month. I had a retail store for 10 years and do not want to go back to being that tied down. I think it would be cool to get a few other antiquers to "go in with" but I KNOW you have to be really careful about that. Perfectly nice people can turn out to be closet crazies. There are a couple cool empty (expensive to rent) store fronts sitting in my town , but I don't know if they would be keen on turning on the power for a pop up..and being liable for insurance etc..hmmm..a thought though. You'd think some rental income would be better than none."

Pearl of The BeadingGem'sJournal

"I haven't seen any pop- ups into area yet. But they are a great alternative to long term rent."


So all-in-all, dear readers, this is an exciting prospect and another avenue in which to consider exploring.   With my very best wishes that good luck and a good life may always be yours.
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