Friday, February 25, 2011

Stoned ... Or Not

 This past week the kitchen counter top company came out to see if our old counter tops could be salvaged. 
When our house was built we opted for a cost effect alternative to granite and chose a solid surface, man-made  quartz/granite.  To save even more of our limited funds we decided upon an overlay.  An overlay is done using a much thinner piece of the faux stone and it is made to simply fit over an existing counter. (Sort of like putting on a wig.)   Since there wasn't an existing counter to start with  a thick sheet of plywood was attached to the top of the base cabinets and then the overlay was glued to it.
The photo below shows the two sections of quartz/granite that were removed from the old base cabinets.  Notice that the one piece is turned over so you can see the plywood underlay (the tiny piece next to it is a piece of the backsplash...which is also right side down but not for any particular reason).
Photo below...Close up of the underside showing how the overlay creates the look of a more expensive thicker slab.

Nick, the owner of the counter top store,  has an unbelievable last name, it's honestly that is truly his last name, Nick Formica.  Perhaps he was destined to go into this business or he thought because of his last name he was an ideal fit for this profession. 
Nick has taken the two sections of our old counter and will try to cut, slice and polish it into a new counter that will fit into the newly formed work area.  I have my fingers crossed, please send me your best wishes, as this particular stone pattern is no longer manufactured so we can't order a new section of it. 
We will be removing the remaining sections of backsplash as I'd like to run tile from the counter tops up to the bottom of the wall cabinets.  Wish I knew what could be done with these pieces of  stone as they are rather pretty.  Guess it would probably be impossible to make beads from it as it would make some pretty stone like beads and a whole lot of them. lol 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Could Care Less About Getting My Groove Back...Just Give Me Back My Microwave !

Last week my marvelous hubby, John, got the oven cabinet into its new position.  It was not an easy task as that sucker weighs a couple hundred pounds and that's completely empty, sans drawers, doors and shelves.
Once John had the cabinet in place and leveled he bolted it in place and then inserted and reconnected the oven and microwave.  Oh happy day !  I can't begin to tell you how much I missed that microwave.  At one time I even thought about sitting the oven on the floor and connecting the microwave but then realized that the sides of the microwave were exposed and it was designed to be shielded by the wood cabinet.  Didn't really like the thought of all that radiation bouncing around my kitchen.

Photos above and below...The oven and its cabinet are in position and back in action.  Now the next step will be the counter top and backsplash.

Photo above...John had to add a cove molding between the wall and the side of the cabinet as the wall was not all that plumb.  There was a good gap along a part of the back edge of the cabinet which was far too big to fill in with caulk.  I think the cove moulding looks very nice. 

Friday, February 18, 2011


Oh where, oh where has the old Etsy gone. Oh where, oh where can it be?
It once was right but now is all wrong,  please bring back the old Etsy !

I used to frequent the forums, truly more fun than it seems
But now it's limited quorums, made up primarily of teams
If I were a customer buying with my paycheck I have just cashed
I'd find it difficult trying to find where Promotions are stashed

So Etsy is now a misfit, I don't like its brand new look
It's obvious some CEO dim wit wants it to be EtsyBook

Oh where, oh where has the old Etsy gone. Oh where, oh where can it be?
It once was right but now is all wrong, please bring back the old Etsy !

Recently I listed a new item of mixed beads and a lovely carved fluorite flower pendant (the beads are carved barrels of pale translucent, lavender amethyst and lovely amazonite. 

After listing I decided to go to the Etsy forums to promote the new listing and...horrors...everything had changed.  I have no idea how to find what I want or even what teams to join.  Perhaps this is Etsy's way of forcing us to purchase their showcases ?  Or maybe the rumors are true about Etsy wanting to become a social networking site.  Who knows?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trying To Shake Off SAD

Lately I've been out of sorts, moody and down.  Perhaps it's SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) as we've had so many dark gray days this winter.  Yesterday was sunny and today promises much of the same so I'm hoping that my mood will also brighten up and I'll become more functional...especially blog wise.

Our kitchen "adjustment" is coming along nicely though we did have to wait a bit longer for the wall cabinet to come in (about 3 weeks longer).  But it is up and looks good.
Photo above and below...Wall cabinet box is level and in place.

Photo below...Remember the base cabinet that was sitting in our living room?

Photo below...It is now in position beneath the wall cabinet, giving me more useable counter space next to my stove. Yea! 
Photo below...Doors are now on the wall unit.  Looking good!

Photo below...And all those drawers that decorated my family room floor ?

Photo below...Those drawers are now back in their base cabinet where they belong.  Loving it!

Photo below...Just one drawer remains but we'll be getting to that soon. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Too Early for St. Patrick's Day ?

Perhaps it's a little early for St. Patrick's Day but then it's getting past prime time for Valentine's Day so I'm trading in Valentine Red for Emerald Isle Green. This earring necklace set was made almost a year ago, unfortunately it was too late for St. Patty's Day and it was stashed away for safe keeping. At the time it was a pendant and earring set with no chain or cord.

 However this year I decided to make up a lovely chain to go with it. Yes the chain is bulk chain. To this bulk, flat-cable chain I've added a simple springring clasp and a round jumpring, doesn't take an accredited jewelry maker to accomplish this but it completes the set making it look high end.

The chain, clasp, jumpring and all gold beads in this design are 14k gold filled...I think we are all aware of the price of gold today, I figure I have almost $15.00 in parts in the chain alone! A ready made chain would have been more, considerably more. I did all the wire work including making the spiral stud post earrings, which come with 14k gold filled clutches.

Now I need some opinions. It's listed in my Etsy shop at $42.00, since it will be shipped in a gift box I have shipping costs at $2.00. Considering my materials and Etsy fees my profit will be $12.42. Now am I asking too much for the set at $42?  Why I ask?  Well it's only gotten 11 views and no hearts so I wondered if the price was a turn off?

Oh btw, the shamrock leaves are from the shamrocks that grow wild in my back yard, thought maybe they'd bring me some good luck even if they're not 4 leaf covers.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Waiting On The Cabinet...

Since we're still waiting on the one wall cabinet that we need I've no updates on the kitchen remodel.  Though perhaps remodel isn't quite the proper terminology, it's more like a kitchen adjustment.  The cabinet was sort-of-perhaps-maybe-supposed to have come in this past Thursday, now they're thinking maybe next Wednesday.  No big surprise to either John or I as this is the 3rd kitchen that we've remodeled and we've always had to wait extra time for the cabinets.   Think it's one of Murphy's laws.

So instead I'm  sending you a pastoral shot of a sunny pasture and an adorable calf.  I could not resist that sweet angelic face.  Wish I had a sugar cube to treat him with, but then I would have needed one for the rest of herd too.
Photo above...Okay all together now...awwwww, how cute!
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