Thursday, June 7, 2012

Deaf to the Voice of Wisdom ?

It was definitely one of those "Oh Drat!" moments,  I had lost an earring and I wasn't even wearing earrings! 
 Those of us who make and sell jewelry are familiar with the standard,  black velvet  necklace display easels, they're not high-end but they're affordable and easy to transport as they neatly, fold flat.

Recently I fabricated a simple chain necklace and then fashioned a pair of cute matching earrings -- these I arranged upon a flat necklace easel and then - later in the week - I decided to bring some items to a small gallery that sells my work.

Well I think you can see where I'm going with this.  My brain told me I should either remove the jewelry from the easel or place easel, with it's jewelry attached, into a large clear plastic baggie, but did I listen to my own logic ?  Nooooo !  

Somewhere, between my home and the gallery (and back again)  one rebellious earring made its' escape.  Where it is I'm not sure, however I am fairly sure I will never see it again. 
Could I make another earring to match the orphaned one? Maybe, but getting the lengths of the headpins to match may be difficult as I didn't take notes as to how long I made the shorter headpins . . . nor do I have more of those lovely 8 mm gold filled, soldered jump-rings that attach the dangles to the earring hook . . . not to mention I don't have enough of the Swarovski 4mm, bi-cone Fire Opal Crystals.     So drat, Drat and DRAT !!!
Oh why don't I learn to, not just listen to the voice of wisdom, but to actually DO what it tells me I should ?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June GIVEAWAY at Cabin+cub

Cabin+cub is having a summery June giveaway . . . one of her pretty, handcrafted laser cut cameo brooches. A lovely, sweet little brooch that will look pretty with casual jeans and a T top, or a crisp, feminine, cotton sundress. (I could see this worn as a pendant on a cord or a chain - gorgeous !
Please take a second to check it out.  CABIN+CUB GIVEAWAY

Monday, June 4, 2012

A Goose That Couldn't Swim

Yesterday they came and took him away.   His was the last egg to hatch and therefore he was the smallest of the 4 little goslings.

At first all seemed well, safe and comfortable within their little nest, mama goose hovering above them and papa goose not far away. But soon we noticed that the littlest one seemed ... well different than it's siblings. While the others grazed happily, the littlest squatted in one place and nibbled at the grass seeds closest to him, always trying to keep his long, gosling neck tucked close to his small, fluffy body.

My husband and I soon realized the tiny runt had a problem -- our neighbors realized this too. We watched as the baby geese grew and the 3 older goslings soon sprouted tail feathers, followed by wing feathers and then the characteristic facial markings so familiar to Canadian Geese. Tiny Runt remained much smaller and still covered in it's fluff - not a sign of a tail feather in sight. Then one day I noticed he had great difficulty standing up. He had been resting, in his typical squatting position, on a slope of our neighbor's front yard.  As he stood, he wobbled, lost his balance and almost tumbled down the slope. Later, my husband told me he had witnessed the tiny gosling as it came close to drowning. It had been alone in our neighbors pond and suddenly became distressed and unable to stay afloat . . . a very strange thing for a water-bird. Suddenly, trying to help him, the Little Runt's parents and all his siblings were at his side. Miraculously they managed to get the wee one to shore. Needless to say he no longer held any desire to paddle about or enjoy the freedom of floating in the cool water of their pond.  My heart ached for the little fellow. 

Yesterday our neighbors called wildlife management and they sent someone out to check on the small gosling. The prognosis was the baby had a piece of his neck missing and it's thought that perhaps a hawk may have attacked the little fellow. Carefully the fluffy invalid was transported from his familiar pond to a wildlife veterinarian, we were all assured that they would do everything they could to help the little gosling and, hopefully, return him to his family. In the meantime momma goose has been distraught and seems to be constantly looking for her smallest baby. We pray he will be saved and returned before the summer is over.
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