Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Wishes

2012 teeters on the brink of its last day, holding tenaciously to its last few hours before the dawn of a whole new year. We, the inhabitants of this wondrous little blue planet, have miraculously survived the prophesied End-of-the-World Mayan calendar event. I suppose someday our world will end - but not just yet. :)

For the up coming year I wish for humanity to become more compassionate of those who are different than us, whether those differences are physical, cultural,  religious or simply difference in opinions, please let us be more understanding.  
May we all be kinder, gentler,  more giving and forgiving. 
Our Earth is a finite space that we share with a great many people, may we all be more mindful of and more courteous to the comfort and the feelings of others.

For all my lovely readers I wish you a New Year blessed with good health, may your lives be filled with happiness and the love of family and dear friends and may your endeavors be successful and prosperous. This I wish with all my heart.

Happy New Year to each and everyone !

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