Friday, February 25, 2011

Stoned ... Or Not

 This past week the kitchen counter top company came out to see if our old counter tops could be salvaged. 
When our house was built we opted for a cost effect alternative to granite and chose a solid surface, man-made  quartz/granite.  To save even more of our limited funds we decided upon an overlay.  An overlay is done using a much thinner piece of the faux stone and it is made to simply fit over an existing counter. (Sort of like putting on a wig.)   Since there wasn't an existing counter to start with  a thick sheet of plywood was attached to the top of the base cabinets and then the overlay was glued to it.
The photo below shows the two sections of quartz/granite that were removed from the old base cabinets.  Notice that the one piece is turned over so you can see the plywood underlay (the tiny piece next to it is a piece of the backsplash...which is also right side down but not for any particular reason).
Photo below...Close up of the underside showing how the overlay creates the look of a more expensive thicker slab.

Nick, the owner of the counter top store,  has an unbelievable last name, it's honestly that is truly his last name, Nick Formica.  Perhaps he was destined to go into this business or he thought because of his last name he was an ideal fit for this profession. 
Nick has taken the two sections of our old counter and will try to cut, slice and polish it into a new counter that will fit into the newly formed work area.  I have my fingers crossed, please send me your best wishes, as this particular stone pattern is no longer manufactured so we can't order a new section of it. 
We will be removing the remaining sections of backsplash as I'd like to run tile from the counter tops up to the bottom of the wall cabinets.  Wish I knew what could be done with these pieces of  stone as they are rather pretty.  Guess it would probably be impossible to make beads from it as it would make some pretty stone like beads and a whole lot of them. lol 


  1. How funny is that? Formica. My hubby's doc who did his sinus surgery years ago was named Dr Scholl and I teased him about maybe being afraid he was being operated on by a foot doctor :)

    Crossing my fingers that your counter turns out just how you would have hoped!

  2. I hope it goes well. It's beautiful material.

  3. Fingers crosses and toes too!!!! I love following this process!

  4. That is funny, Mr Formica :)

    I hope your man can work his magic. It is amazing what glues and fillers they have these days and with a little paint, I'm sure he will make it look beautiful.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, T. :)

  5. Thank you for the comments and the positive wishes. I'll keep my fingers crossed. If Nick Formica can't salvage the old pieces I might have to tile that section or opt for a butcher block counter top...though wood's not a good choice next to a stove...I've been known to scorch Formica counter tops before and wood is fairly easy to burn too.

  6. I hope it works out well and pleasing for you. I often look at materials and wonder if I could make beads from them. I'm glad to know I have a "beading soul sister" in my life! If you can't get the one you want, maybe you could sections of stainless steel, butcher block or tile. :)

  7. Good luck with the counter work!

    What a perfect name! It's like me being called Pearl and making jewelry. Did you know there is a name for this phenomenon? It's called nominative determinism. And yes, I have a blog post if you want to know more and chuckle over other real life examples!

  8. *crosses fingers* You always make me laugh! I am picturing a quartz granite wig and a guy named formica! Good Luck!!!

  9. The most perfect last name ever! Of course, most people would tell you its tough to nick formica hahaha...oh I just kill myself :-)

    Can you make coasters out of the stone? Or maybe a cutting board or trivet...

  10. All extremities are crossed for you!!

    If all else fails...what I did one time was a darker color solid surface on all my counters and a lighter color solid surface on the island. It actually looked really cool with the contrast.

    I know how it is though when you love a certain color of something and they discontinue it. :-( I'm sure it will all work out!!

  11. With the name Formica, I'm sure his customers never forget his name! I truly hope the counters work out for you!

  12. It's beautiful stuff -- hope it works out.

    Oh, and LOL @ Jenn!!


  13. fingers crossed for you!

    i love that stone...color? pattern? selection? i don't know how you refer to it, but hopefully you know what i mean.

    i really want to do over our countertops. we went with the 'free' plastic-y tops when we built last year. the hubbers isn't too excited about 'upgrading' so soon. we'll see who comes out victorious... ;)

    ps - thanks for your sweet comment on my post last week. it meant a lot (it was a crap week). :)

  14. can you define any further the formica sheets ? I am still in vague about the topic though.

  15. Reynolf Oliveros - I'm no expert on Formica however I can tell you that the best place to get any information regarding counter tops would be at a home improvement store like Lowe's or Home Depot. They both have a kitchen and Bath center with qualified designers that can answer almost any question one might have about counter tops and how to apply Formica veneer onto a plywood substrate. Getting professional advice is the first step in starting any home improvement project. Good luck in whatever it is that your remodeling. :)


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