Sunday, February 6, 2011

Too Early for St. Patrick's Day ?

Perhaps it's a little early for St. Patrick's Day but then it's getting past prime time for Valentine's Day so I'm trading in Valentine Red for Emerald Isle Green. This earring necklace set was made almost a year ago, unfortunately it was too late for St. Patty's Day and it was stashed away for safe keeping. At the time it was a pendant and earring set with no chain or cord.

 However this year I decided to make up a lovely chain to go with it. Yes the chain is bulk chain. To this bulk, flat-cable chain I've added a simple springring clasp and a round jumpring, doesn't take an accredited jewelry maker to accomplish this but it completes the set making it look high end.

The chain, clasp, jumpring and all gold beads in this design are 14k gold filled...I think we are all aware of the price of gold today, I figure I have almost $15.00 in parts in the chain alone! A ready made chain would have been more, considerably more. I did all the wire work including making the spiral stud post earrings, which come with 14k gold filled clutches.

Now I need some opinions. It's listed in my Etsy shop at $42.00, since it will be shipped in a gift box I have shipping costs at $2.00. Considering my materials and Etsy fees my profit will be $12.42. Now am I asking too much for the set at $42?  Why I ask?  Well it's only gotten 11 views and no hearts so I wondered if the price was a turn off?

Oh btw, the shamrock leaves are from the shamrocks that grow wild in my back yard, thought maybe they'd bring me some good luck even if they're not 4 leaf covers.


  1. First off Anna, I love this set. I can't wear gold--being allergic to something in it, but I adore this set! I love that you added a chain that completes it so well.

    It's getting a lot of views but given the fact the economy is tanking for so many people. I don't think the price is a turn off but more people are being required to spend carefully. I'm getting views and some hearts, but no sales. I've even gone as far as snail mail exclusive 15% off cards to friends and family, along with business cards as an incentive.

    I wish I could tell you something more positive, other than give it time. :D *Zen Hugs*

  2. It's never too early for St Patrick's Day. Emerald green is just gorgeous. I wish you the luck of the Irish for the sale of this one!

    No, I do not think you are over on the pricing as it is gold-filled and we all know what lofty heights gold prices are these days!

  3. You are completely brave to make anything with GF these days. I won't until the price adjusts back down which could be a decade. So that said no I don't think you are over priced and 12 bucks for a profit isn't really what about your time? I know we all work for free!! Thanks for stopping by the blog xx More snow on the way tonight . a blizzard , they don't say that but they say blowing snow that will be hard to drive in hahaha.

  4. It's gorgeous. I don't think it's overpriced at all. Etsy traffic is unpredictable and with all the changes to the site, I think buyers are having a hard time finding their way around. Someone will find it and love it!

  5. I think it is very stunning and the price is more than fair if not on the low end. I think even 30.00 is reasonable. Sometimes I find if you price it too cheap then people tend to view it as a craft and not an art that it is.

  6. Definitely not to early for St. Patty's! Last year I had 4 items made for St. Patty's too late, so I think getting it out there is good. I think maybe so few views could be that so many men wait until the last second for Valentine's day gifts so they haven't moved past pink/red/hearts yet. Maybe some choice advertising on February 15th could move more views and a buyer into to you :)

  7. HI Anna, a bit late but you know me I like to have my say (He! He!)

    I completely agree with Cathryn, the economy is driving what people are buying.

    I personally think you have it underpriced, all that work and boxed and shipping at $2.00 WOW!

    I know I am being incredibly tight with my money right now after the Holidays and I think people are just starting to think about spending again after all the credit card bills arriving :(

    Shore Debris, mentioned some advertising after Valentine's day might work. But keep rubbing it up against the Shamrock, fancy having it grow in your yard :)

    Hope you have a lovely evening, T. :)

  8. Super cute - it's always better to get seasonal things out and about sooner, rather than later!

    About those J. Crew flats - I'm pretty much in love with any flat - adding yellow to them seems to only deepen that love!

  9. Never too early for St. Patrick's Day in this house! Of course I'm an Irish lass so to me every day is St. Pat's lol

    I think your set is extremely reasonably priced! You hand made everything and yes, the set is high end (doesn't just look it but is)! Now, as far as views and whatnot...

    I'm struggling with this somewhat but not in views, my issue is the follow up of a sale. I've started creating smaller faux finished pieces that could compliment my main business model but I will NOT undervalue my work just so it sells. That would be silly and would only frustrate me if I get a custom order or a client who wants me to faux a room after seeing my accessible commercial artwork in my shop. If I undervalue off the bat then they will be far too surprised at the cost to do an entire room. There are lots of steps in faux BUT 9 times out of 10 it will be less expensive than the alternatives (who is going to buy bolts of denim and glue them to a wall when I can recreate the effect using paint for much less, as an example).

    Anyway, with all that said I think the main thing is to promote. Not just on a blog but do you have other forms of social media for your business? FB, twitter, LinkedIn, etc are really nice ways to connect and so much of it can be automated that you post in one place & it filters through to the rest. I spend on average about an hour a day on social media promotion and that includes writing up blog posts (which pull through to FB & twitter), posting links to my work on LinkedIn (which pulls to twitter) and commenting on other sites (business blogs, LinkedIn groups). Just a suggestion but I'd say it might be in your best interest to create business pages all over the internet & promote, promote, promote! I say this because, on average, after I post a listing I share the link in those 3 places and my views will range around 25-40 in an hour :-) The more times I post it (every couple days for example) the higher the hits go AND my followers increase if I tag it correctly. Let me know if you want some tips on how to tag, setting up a twitter account or anything like that!

  10. Never too early... I love the rich green colour! Lovely! ;)

  11. Never to early for Saint Patty's Day in my opinion!!
    I love anything green.

    That necklace is lovely!


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