Friday, February 18, 2011


Oh where, oh where has the old Etsy gone. Oh where, oh where can it be?
It once was right but now is all wrong,  please bring back the old Etsy !

I used to frequent the forums, truly more fun than it seems
But now it's limited quorums, made up primarily of teams
If I were a customer buying with my paycheck I have just cashed
I'd find it difficult trying to find where Promotions are stashed

So Etsy is now a misfit, I don't like its brand new look
It's obvious some CEO dim wit wants it to be EtsyBook

Oh where, oh where has the old Etsy gone. Oh where, oh where can it be?
It once was right but now is all wrong, please bring back the old Etsy !

Recently I listed a new item of mixed beads and a lovely carved fluorite flower pendant (the beads are carved barrels of pale translucent, lavender amethyst and lovely amazonite. 

After listing I decided to go to the Etsy forums to promote the new listing and...horrors...everything had changed.  I have no idea how to find what I want or even what teams to join.  Perhaps this is Etsy's way of forcing us to purchase their showcases ?  Or maybe the rumors are true about Etsy wanting to become a social networking site.  Who knows?


  1. I'm so removed now that I closed my shop, but I hear the rumblings everywhere. I don't get why people think they want to be a social networking site. Do they think they will be Craftbook? I hardly see how they think they could compete. I know a lot of people who jumped ship to Zibbet and 1000 Markets a while ago. I'm not 100% convinced the Forums was ever more than a place to gossip and it seems like the big sellers are still selling. Have you considered hopping over to Zibbet?

    P.S. I love your poem :)

  2. You're not the only one who is disturbed by Etsy' recent insanity (that's the only way I can explain it). The loss of the Promo forums was a huge blow to me, because I got a significant portion of my sales there. I'm in the process of migrating my shop to Artfire, and if you'd like to join me, please use this link:

    Become an ArtFire Pro with this link and get your 3rd month free!

  3. Love the poem; it expresses my thoughts exactly! Etsy has lost its community feel and, I fear, any of its buyers. Sellers will start leaving and it will go downhill like eBay has, that's my prediction. It was fixed, and they broke it! So sad.

  4. I sooooo agree with you! I was totally confused the last time I went to the forums. Help...need help to understand the new format. Who do we join? Where do we go? Very confusing!!!

  5. I barely use my Facebook account because if I'm going to socialize, it's not to post innane things like how I'm feeling at that moment, what new farm animal I've acquired, or to post some assinine statement about "sheeple" and not take it anywhere. I miss the old Etsy as well. I had just received my business cards with my Etsy shop URL when all these changes came about. I'm not happy.

    Thanks to Aly--I'm going to check out Zibbet and 1000 Markets as a possible backup. I know several people who jumped off the Etsy ship and went elsewhere.

    But the forums are not friendly. Several I used to go read are now blocked and I have to fill out an application to see if I can join. I'm not going there. I'll look off-Etsy if I want to get information now.

    I miss the Etsy I fell in love with.

  6. Aly - Thanks for the comment (sorry to hear you've closed your sweet etsy shop, but totally understand). I think I'll be checking out some alternatives as you've suggested.

    Jan 4 Insight, Lanyardlady, Meeling and Cathryn ;
    We seem to be on the same page. Etsy has changed and not for the better. What their goals are I haven't a clue but they are not buyer friendly and do little to get customers to the sellers shops.

  7. Yep, what a disaster Etsy forums are, where do new people go to ask advice and where do we get to interact with our Blogger buddies!

    Well, a couple of smart Etsians set up this;

    You will see all your old promo buddies, I think I am going to blog about this on MOnday :)

    Have a lovely Weekend, T. :)

  8. Hey T the link sounds like a great idea.

    Etsy really needs to wake up and smell the coffee before they end up on the bottom of the trash pile.

  9. sigh....and I was rejected by a team!....just what I need...sheesh. I hear you. Not happy about the forum changes, I really miss the promotions..they worked! ah, well. :( Pam

  10. I'm still upset about this. They've done a fantastic job of fracturing and depressing those of us who actually used the forums as a community.
    I know this change has hurt business for a lot of people. Plus, I just don't check in nearly as much. The vibe is bad in the forums that remain.
    I belong to a couple of great teams, thank goodness, but I miss wandering in to Etc. and just hanging out.

  11. I agree, I really only use Etsy as a showcase for my real customers out in the real world. Since all I do is set up at shows and personal trunk shows, I rarely see etsy any at all. I do like my teams, they are a comfort and my metal team is a learning spot also! In and out, that's what I do when I'm near etsy.

  12. Mabsie!! I agree I was an Etc. regular and also posted in site and business and learned a lot from techniques. It may have been a place to blow off steam but I also met great people and made sales and found cool new things! I stopped in forums for a second but with admin squashing threads and muting people left and right, the remaining forums really have a negative vibe. I don't want to try to join a team and wait to see if I am accepted just to ask a question! Half of Etc seems to be in the Etc team and the other half is at the UEF so I hop back and forth. Boo.. Lovely piece BTW! So pastel and pretty.


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