Saturday, March 5, 2011

Getting Hooked on Steampunk

In the beginning Steampunk wasn't quite my thing but lately I've come to appreciate it more and more.  Since watch parts are an essential ingredient in Steampunk design, much like salt is to bread making, I found myself surfing the web looking at designs featuring watch parts.   From there I went to sites that dealt in Steampunk supplies and then on to watches and Steampunk pocket watches.  I found myself in awe over a site that had amazing Jules Vern meets Flash Gordon, genre watches that I thought I had bookmarked but now, unfortunately, I can not find it.  Have spent hours going through my bookmarks and searching the Internet,  it as though that site has disappeared...don't you hate it when that happens?

So if anyone runs across a website that has a dark Steampunk look and feel to it and that has some amazing Steampunk pocket watches that look yellowed with age as if they are 200 years old and were inspired by Captain Nemo's submarine "The Nautilus" please let me the meantime I'll continue to search.


  1. Oh I wish I could be of some use. I have seen some articles about steam punk on other people's blogs last year but I can't remember when.

    Hope you are able to find it.

    I will take a look back and see who wrote about it.

    Have a lovely Day, T :)

  2. Love the look too but I haven't yet run across anything for you yet.

  3. there's some really great steampunk stuff out there. it's not my 'look' personally, but i do admire it. it's so...thorough. does that make sense? it belongs entirely to its own world.

    wow, maybe i need some more coffee to make sense. yes, i think that will do the trick!

  4. Interesting...I've never been a huge fan of steampunk either, but every now and again I see a piece that catches my eye.

    I too, hate that when you can't re-find a webpage that you enjoyed...done that a few times and it's most irritating. If I happen across anything I'll let you know...sounds like an intriguing site!

  5. Have you seen this? OMG I need one!!!

  6. Have you tried Google Image Search? That might help. It's amazing how popular steampunk has become since I last wrote about it.


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