Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idols

I have my heroes and even if these wonderful men and women weren't out rescuing people trapped in automobile wreckage, or putting out a raging fire they're still my idols. 

This firetruck with its marvelous crew  came around do a routine check of  neighborhood fire hydrants.  I had my camera in hand, waved to them and asked if it would be alright to take a couple of photos.  They waved back, nodded yes and gave me a thumbs up.  

My local fire hydrant passed inspections with flying colors. :)


  1. Fire Hydrants are one of those things we just take for granted, aren't they? Like roads but their usefulness is so crucial.

    Good job someone is looking after them and what a joyful group of Fire Fighters and in shades too!

    We used to live a couple of blocks away from our local fire station when the kids were little and we really felt it was our fire station. We went to all their open houses and we had a fav. engine we would spot around town.

    Oh fun days!

    Have a lovely Day, T :)

  2. My husband is a fireman and I think they are a very special group of guys! (oh and a couple of girls too)

  3. Angela, they ARE a very special group of people.
    My daughter is married to a great guy who is a Haz Mat. They are always so willing to help others,so very giving. Guess that is why they are what they are and why they do what they do. :)

  4. They are such cool people. Many years ago we had a bank barn burn down and had 7 fire companies here at the acreage. They made it seem like a party and were so nice to us. Good to visit and read your posts!

  5. Great group of people for sure!!
    Some of my best friends husbands are was my FIL (retired now).

    Great little post!

  6. Firetrucks still excite me like they do for kids. And yes, firefighters are some of the most giving people I know. They are a special breed!

    Thanks for including me-->>

  7. I couldn't agree more !!! I have a brother in law who is a police officer and one who is a fireman and they are both the bomb!!!


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