Monday, March 28, 2011

Irrelevant Relevancy

And so as I was saying....
Suddenly my words seemed to have no relevance.
Photo above...A glass trinket box that a friend of mine made with jewelry that I crafted...relevance to this post...none at all !
Have you ever left a comment on someone's blog and the blogger decides, later, to "edit" their post? Oh I don't mean go in and correct a couple of typos or switch a couple of words around to make a sentence flow better, I mean totally delete a paragraph, a whole subject in their post? I recently had this happen to me. For some reason I returned to a blog and realized that the post had changed and the particular subject I had replied to was no longer a part of the post. Soooo...there was my comment, completely out of context with the post...and everyone else's comments. It was like I had dropped in from outer space, or was whacked out from a chocoholic over-dose. I considered leaving the comment but it no longer fit in with  the rest of the post or comments, it was so irrelevant that, with embarrassment, I was compelled to self-delete.

Photo above...Triple strand necklace of pearls, rose quartz crystals, mother of pearl carved leaves and handcrafted links of sterling silver wire that I made a few years ago. Never could sell it, not sure why, I think it's lovely...irrelevant?...Oh absolutely, totally irrelevant !!

Now my challenge to all who are game is let's see how irrelevant you can make your comments to this post. LOL I'm sure you can come up with some humdingers. :D


  1. Personally I prefer Maytag washing machines...but hey that's only my opinion.

  2. Personally Cinnamon Roll Quaker Oats oatmeal is my favorite. Come to think of it, I just ate some!

  3. There is a crazy bird that keeps flying against my window!

  4. And so I told him, What a beautiful dog you have, mister! He was not amused.

    ;) ;)

  5. My right eye won't stop twitching!

  6. I will add one of the most irrelevant comments I ever recieved was from a spammer who announced, " I was looking for information about heartattacks and found your lovely blog....didn't help with the heartattack though" .....not sure if he was HAVING a heart attack or just helping a friend! LOL - BTW this made me giggle uncontrollably!

  7. Green is the new black.

    Jokes aside, I know what you mean. I sometimes comment on politically-themed blogs... but I don't delete my comment if the author changes their post. I like to think that if anyone reads the comments, there will be a sign that something was added or removed... >.>


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