Friday, January 28, 2011


Photo above...a cabinet full of K-Cups

The Domino Effect, where one thing leads to another resulting in an unstoppable cascade of events. We are all aware of this effect, as there are few of us who’ve not played with those little rectangular Domino tiles as children. Carefully we would line them up one behind the other and then with a slight flick of our tiny finger we’d knocked the first kingpin over, watching as tile after tile toppled in rapid succession down the path we had so diligently mapped out. I never actually played the true game of dominos until I was well in my 30’s; perhaps I never realized that those dots on each tile were there for other reasons than merely decoration.
In my last post I mentioned our new Keurig single served coffee brewer and hinted that with all the K-Cups we were accumulating our tiny kitchen space might require some modifications.  So begins the Domino Effect.
Photo above...Our Keurig single serve brewer, the kingpin domino.

Photo below...All the K-cups and paraphernalia that accompanies our new Keurig. You may notice the limited counter space in that tight little corner.

Photo above...There was a cabinet there, where the bare concrete of the foundation shows.  We had to remove the solid surface counter top in order to remove the cabinet.  The counter top is resting on the top of our coffee table, which is visible in the background.

Photo below...This is the cabinet that sat in the corner, that had the counter top, that was in the kitchen that Jack built.

Photo above...Notice the wall is open allowing service to the family/TV room.  The cabinet that was there is now sitting in our living room.  Our plan is to interchange our oven cabinet for the drawer cabinet.  So this means the ovens will have to come out, the cabinet will have to be detached from wherever and whatever it is attached to and then moved down to the end were the smaller drawer cabinet was.

Photos below...The framing goes in.

Photo above and below...The ovens have been removed. Does this mean I don't have to cook ?  Ha, only in my dreams!

Photo above...John's removed the the counter top to this tiny 9 inch Tray Cabinet, it will remain where it is and the larger drawer cabinet will come in and rest alongside of it.  A new 36 inch wall cabinet is on order (has been for about 3 weeks now).  Someday, when this project is over I will have 45 inches of counter space here to work on instead of 9 inches.  I have on a happy face right now just thinking about that.

Photo below...The oven cabinet now keeps the drawer cabinet company in our living room.  That big black boxy thing in the background is the oven and microwave unit.  Really don't miss the oven that much but the microwave has been sorely missed.

Photo above...Drywalling is done.  All we're waiting for is the 36 inch wall cabinet and we can get this baby done.
Photo below...Meanwhile this is how I'm living.  It maybe easier to see which drawer has what pot in it but as far as interior design goes; it stinks!

Hopefully it won't be much longer before the wall cabinet comes in and we can finish up this project that all started out because of a new coffee maker and too many K-Cups.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. Well, I understand how something can start from one very simple thing. Seriously, my K-Cup collection has taken over my laundry room. So many good K-Cups and I can't resist. I love what you are doing and can't wait to see the end result.


    This may not have meant to be funny, but I'm wiping the laugh tears out of my eyes right now! This is a perfect post how ONE thing leads to a SERIES of things!

    *chuckles and wipes more tears out the eyes*

    Thank you for the best laugh of the day!

  3. I can't wait to see this done! Awesome pictures!

  4. Oh, I feel your pain! After our kitchen fire we lived off tray tables and paper plates for almost 3 months during the renovation. It's going to look great. You have a lovely home.

  5. Your post is so funny! I live with a home-builder who often gets stalled in the middle of projects that he starts in our home because work for others takes precedence and then he loses momentum with the home project.

    The first time I saw the size of these coffee makers, (so big, just to make a single cup!) my mind's eye saw the problem with the counter space and storage.

    The mister and I both make single cups with a ceramic Melitta Cone every morning by pouring the hot water through the grounds. Not too much mess, except by the mister sometimes.

    Now that I see what your new coffee maker created in home improvement projects, I am glad to have stayed with the old-fashioned method. At least your husband seems to stay on top of completing his projects!

  6. I can so relate to this everything in my life is the domino effect! It looks like is going to look FANTASTIC!

  7. That is hilarious that the coffee caused a home renovation! Way to be dedicated to the coffee!!

  8. (oh and check out that video again on my blog, i found another one that works! thanks heaps for letting me know!)

  9. Thank you for stopping by, I guess we are almost neighbours. Will stop by again to read about the completed coffee cabinet and also the posting about the time and cost of your beading projects. Have a good week.

  10. Anna, I think you are going to have to tie John down.

    Oh how much you make me laugh with your stories. I bet you are a giggle tog.

    Hopefully, your kitchen will be restored to order very soon.

    Oh do I have (not too fond) memories of remodel projects where everything was everywhere, regardless of how organised I was.

    It looks like you guys have got it tog. Well.........

    Looking forward to the final photos :)

    Have a lovely evening, T. :)

  11. This takes me back to the days when I first started reading your blog -- the days of the UFO! :-) I always love reading about your construction/destruction fun, never fails to make me laugh (but in a good way of course!). Can't wait to see it all completed. Maybe I'll rethink the Keurig thing after looks way too addictive! haha

  12. Looking good! I wish we had the room to expand our kitchen.
    Oh, and I'm addicted to my parent's Tassimo machine.. always make one when I'm there visiting with the wee one. Oh so good.


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