Friday, January 7, 2011


Lately I've been fashioning a few new earrings and, at the same time, toyed with the idea of opening a second etsy shop ... yes I'm STILL contemplating this. There is just one thing that prevents me from doing so and that's etsy's reluctance to set up their site to allow sellers to have multiple shops under one email account. Etsy must have some logic in dragging its heels on this but seems to me that there are so many other things that etsy could give its sellers rather than circles and "tinker-toy" features. Why am I so against setting up a new email account ? Simple hardheadedness perhaps. Toggling back and forth from one account to the other is worrisome and I fret about the possibility that I may miss or over look a customer's inquiry or, horrors, an order !

photos above and below ... My handmade yellow berry beads were used in this pair of  golden earrings.  The ear wires are not made by me but are 14 kt. gold filled and I did embellish them with a Swarovski crystal.

My etsy shop has a few pieces of my handcrafted jewelry but since it is supposed to be a supplies shop I want to keep the ratio in perspective and keep the jewelry down to a bare minimum. So I've made earrings and now I've got a few pairs sitting on my desk wanting to be displayed.
photos above and below ... Love these oh so sweet lampwork beads.  Here I've used my own handmade sterling earwires embellished with 4mm, cats eye beads.   

Recently I listed these sweet little Art Glass Bead earrings (photo below).  Named them Dewdrop, as they remind me of the sweet little dewdrop flower.  They have my own handcrafted sterling silver earring wires that I've embellished with a crystal bead in a soft shade of opal green.  Absolutely adore the flower shaped pewter bead caps !  Can not believe that after a couple of days of being posted on etsy and on facebook, they've only received 4 views, one of which was myself, so in reality only 3 people gave them a look.  It was hardly worth the effort of listing them ... or the 20 cent etsy fee !  lol


  1. Those earrings are gorgeous! The excellent pictures should help you sell your supplies with time.

    BTW, may I suggest you manage multiple email accounts under one main email? Gmail lets you do that. Etsy takes forever on some issues!

  2. Oh my...I can relate to pure hardheadedness...but don't tell anyone I said that!

    Your earrings are fun and FUN! I love the whimsical and breezy look of those lemon yellow bead berry earrings! The others are mischeivious and playful!

    Are you entering the Bead Soup Party? Please Do!

  3. Pearl - Thank you for the compliment and thanks for the suggestion of using Gmail, I'll check it out.

    Sujata - Thanks. :) Hurray you're back!
    It's nice to have you up and blogging again, sure have missed your lovely photography.

  4. I know what you mean about the "circles" and "likes" on what someone described as "Etsybook." People just want better functionality. And you're not the only one with low views. This is usually a slow time after the holidays. Hope it picks up soon. Love those berry earrings!

  5. Anna, your jewelry is beautiful! So bright and pretty. It's hard to choose a favorite.

    I understand what you're saying. I wish I could combine both my shops (bbrunophotography and beadspiration) under one email, too. It would save time when it comes to paying the monthly fees, too. Maybe this year they'll go for it. Sure hope so.

    Glad to see you visited my Seedplanter Designs blog. Thank you for the kind words!

  6. I shut down most of my online shops during the move. NOW I have the task of deciding what to open up. Here's the list: website, eBay shop 1 and 2, etsy supplies, etsy handmade, Facebook shop. It is SO confusing and I have the same worries about messing up or missing orders! Not sure how to proceed, but I am going to be super busy!

  7. I love the new earrings. I find that etsy is more of a place to keep a presence on the web. My stuff tends to look better on and people need to see and feel them. Those earrings would totally sell at a craft fair. I want to see your price point. For 14k don't you think it could be in the low 30s? Hard to say but I will say that if I used etsy as my success guideline I would have given up by now. Love to you and thanks always for your friendship and support. Plantress

  8. SO pretty and cheerful ( we are getting yet more snow and it's overcast here). I totally get the email thing. When I first started blogging I had a blog email / shop email / personal email .....pffft what a PAIN !!! Not to mention the paypal pain. I gave it all up - it's just more to do. Now I just keep one email. Etsy's so stuck on minutia they miss the big picture. I put a head on shots for you of the pictures - and if you could work on my husband about getting those feet on I'd be thankful! LOL - Happy New Year Anna!!!

  9. Love, love, love the yellow bead earrings....too pretty!!
    Might have to hint at Chad for my BD on those!! ;-)

  10. I really love those glass bead earrings with the pink flowers, so adorable! Anyway, I know just what you mean about being frustrated with paying fees for very little action. I've got a 50% off sale going on right now & despite promoting on FB & whatnot my views haven't changed in 24 hours. Thinking of giving everything to charity & closing the shop sometimes. I hardly see the point anymore. Of course then I think maybe I'll self publish & its another venue to market my writing. Waffling seems to be the name of the game when it comes to Etsy decisions no? lol


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