Monday, January 10, 2011

KATHI AND THE EGG - or - The Egg and I

photo above ... A pretty shade of pale teal and all natural.

From fashionista to farm girl, who would've guessed ?  Kathi, my older daughter, was always the city girl, she liked the bright lights, the hectic pace, the places to go, things to do and above all she liked the shopping. As she grew from a teen, who turned my hair prematurely gray, to an adult I envisioned her moving off to the lights of a big city such as LA or Miami but to my surprise she settled in Bradenton, Florida.  Now after residing here for several years she has transformed into a true country lass.

Back in July of 2010 she brought home 13 little baby chicks  (more on that here) .  Naturally that meant a special cage to keep them safe and of course a heat lamp to keep them warm, their little chick fuzz isn't that great at protecting them against a draft or a chill. 
photo pictures of the "girls" when they were just chicks.

Next, as they out grew their nesting cage, came a true hen house or chicken coupe.  Now, after 6 months, Kathi is starting to get a daily supply of fresh eggs from her "girls".   A chicken expert told her that the first eggs would be small and just about any color, he was correct as the first batch of eggs were hardly bigger than the top digit of one's thumb and have come in lovely shades of blue, green and brown.  The eggs are getting bigger and for now are still fairly colorful.  With these eggs one would hardly need any Easter egg dye. 

Stay tuned as in the near future I hope to blog about their horses (they now have 2,  Scooby and Havoc) and a new enterprise... to start up a local chapter of the 4 H Club, complete with cattle and 20 coconut palms, but that's another story.


  1. The chicks are adorable and the eggs so colorful!

  2. What a great life she has with the animals, the chickens and all those fresh eggs. Smart girl!

  3. How cool! Will those be future chickens or are they, vital I guess would be the word? If not, it would be cool to blow out the yolks and keep the shells :)

    P.S. I wouldn't be surprised if I find live frogs in pockets. Not that I mind frogs and lizards. Just hopefully not snakes!

  4. Aly - Though 4 of the original 13 chicks are roosters, the eggs have not been fertilized...yet. Not sure what Kathi intends to do to keep from ending up with a chicken ranch.

    ps - I wasn't squeamish about lizards or frogs either but it is always a big surprise to put your hand into a pocket and feel something slither about. Yikes ! lol

  5. How cool! I'd love to have chickens and get the fresh eggs...these are particularly lovely.

    She's set for Easter!

  6. Now that's amazing! My grandmother raised chickens for fresh eggs, and for fresh chicken as well. The eggs were definitely tastier than the ones we get from the much more that I'm waiting for our local chicken lady to start having fresh eggs to sell!

    Don't our children surprise us when they get older? I thought my son would have been more of a small town person, but he's living it large in D.C. and loving it.

  7. Great post, love your story and photos!

  8. Cute chicks! And wow, what a pretty combination of eggs. ^.^

  9. AHHH fresh eggs are the best! It is funny how children tend to surprise us everyday no matter how old they are. LOL


  10. The zoo and farm are certainly growing over at Kathi's place huh? I am laughing at the new horse's name :-) Wonder what makes the eggs turn out such strange colors? If she were breeding for more chicks would these eggs not be viable? Anyway, its all fascinating to this city girl! Course its very unlikely I'll ever go country like your daughter lol Good for her for finding the path that worked for her!

  11. Oh Anna, that is so wonderful :)

    As soon as I saw the beautiful colours it reminded me of one of the best kids books I used to read to my kids "The Easter Egg Farm"

    oops! sorry about the big link but if it works check it out you will laugh it is so sweet :)


  12. What cute little chick-a-dees!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! xo style, she wrote


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