Monday, October 4, 2010

A Child's Dream Come True

This October my granddaughter, Lexie, will turn 10. If she could have only one gift, her request would be for a horse of her own.

Photo above ... Lexie, the taller child wearing the cowgirl hat, and her new love Scooby. 

Lexie took to horse back riding much like the proverbial duck takes to water. After just a few short lessons she was infatuated with the sport and with the animal. So it was with no surprise that for the past few months she had been asking, well perhaps more appropriately begging, her parents for a horse.

Everyone told my daughter to wait until Lexie was older because children's whims change and what she is fervent about today may be different by next year. But Lexie seemed head-over-heels in love with horses and with the sluggish economy many horse owners were now relinquishing their beloved animals; the cost of feed and care having cut deeply into their once well padded wallets.  Now is a prime time to purchase as there are many fine horses being sold well below cost and many come complete with tack.

Lexie and her parents looked at several fine steeds and narrowed the field down to 3 of the most gentle that were within their budget. In the end the winner, hands down, was Scooby. Scooby is 9 years old, not a huge horse, he is very docile and for $500 comes with all his tack ... a match made in heaven!
As Roy and Dale used to sing; "Happy Trails to You".  May they have many happy trails together!


  1. That's just wonderful! I'm sure that they will be very happy together :D

  2. oh how fun! I bet she's in love.

    I've always been more comfortable with small animals, but my in-laws have horses, and they are such beautiful creatures!

  3. Congratulations! what a wonderful horse!

  4. Oh Lexie looks so happy :)

    What a gorgeous horse Scooby is :)

    I love taking photos of horses such graceful animals.

    My daughter is in love with horses and horse riding she took lessons for years and is determined at some point to have a horse of her own and ride once more :)

    I think once girls are bitten by the horse riding bug they are smitten for life :)

    Wishing Lexie many joyful years of horse riding and a lasting bond with Scooby.

    Have a lovely day, T. :)

  5. I LOVE "a dream come true" stories. That is so wonderful. Wonderful girl and wonderful partents. I myself have never been on a horse, but I know they have lots of appeal to young girls...and older girls, too. (If you go by Altadena Hiker blogspot, she sometimes shows her horse.)

  6. I am officially jealous of a 10 year old :) Not only do I adore the fact that she got a horse, but that his name is Scooby. I'm SO excited for her. You'll have to share her horse adventures with us!

  7. That horse will make her VERY happy and keep her out of trouble as she gets older !!! I would have done ANYTHING to have a horse waaaaaaaaaay back when ( and actually if I won the Lotto I would go get one now!) loved loved loved horseback riding and it's amazing execise.

  8. What a wonderful horsey tail ! I just came in from feeding a neighbor's horses . I am not sure if I am a horse person yet , one of them nips. Just had my second grand daughter and they named her Lexi too! Thanks for coming by the blog xx

  9. Aw that's awesome, congratulations to Lexie! And no doubt to her parents too for being able to provide her with the dream much less expensively than it could have been.

  10. gosh, that is so sweet! an animal in need gets a loving home, and a little girl gets her dream come true. :)

    ps - i hear you on your posting thoughts. i often find myself going back and editing and cutting and paring down. sometimes i wonder if i really share anything at all. but the more crowded life gets, the harder it is to slooow dooown and get it all out in words.

    i enjoy your blog posts, as you often have such sweet stories as this one. blogging is a time intensive activity, but whenever i can squeeze it in, i just love it. <3


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