Monday, October 25, 2010

The Initial of my True Love


Lately I've been off-line due to a hideous cold that has left me tired and fighting to regain my energy.  For those who've seen this as an opportunity to delete me from your followers list ... well ... c'est la vie. 
Back in the days of cavemen and dinosaurs I went to a friend's birthday party; the invitees, all young ladies, were not yet going steady, let alone engaged. We were a giggling bunch and all dreaming of our future prince charmings. There was a game we played that day; each girl was given a small apple and a vegetable peeler or paring knife, with the object of peeling the apple in as long and as thin a strip as possible. Once we each had our covetous apple peel spiral we were instructed to drop it over our shoulder and let it fall to the floor while reciting " Apple peel please reveal the initial of my true love". Perhaps it was wishful thinking but we would always see the initials of someone special in our apple peel pile. As for all those peeled apples ? Well I suppose my friend's mother ended up baking a lovely apple pie ... what a sneaky way of getting us to peel her apples for her.

Now step back about 3 weeks ago. I saw a recipe on another blog (thank you LanyardLady) for an apple crisp; the tender slices of juicy cooked apples topped with a crispy, crunchy crust of brown sugar and cinnamon truly looked delicious and I decided to try making it. So John and I headed to the store where I purchased a few nice Granny Smith, green, tart apples. Upon returning home I washed the apples and as I began to peel the first one I was jolted back to that day a million years ago; seeing my group of girl friends giggling over the initials of their true love revealed in apple peelings. Carefully I peeled, round and round and round ending up with one long continuous spiral. Since I am already married the formality of dropping it over my shoulder and onto the floor became irrelevant and instead I held the spiraling peel high above the kitchen sink and then ... released it. There in my sink was the initial of my one true love. Normally the last place I'd wish to photo would be the inside of my kitchen sink but as I peered at the apple peel it was so unmistakably clear that I had to get my camera and take a photo; otherwise no one would believe it.
 Photo above - The peel looks like a perfect cursive J, the first letter of my hubby's name, John.
Photo below - However when I looked closer I noticed that below the J was a perfect e, John's middle initial is e for Evan.  Yes coincidence but still very interesting.

Another silly game involving the apple was to take firm hold of the apple stem and  turn the apple, with each full rotation of the stem we would start through the alphabet ... a ... b ... c ... d etc.  At the letter where the stem finally breaks off would be the letter of one's furture boyfriend.  So while we girls were busy with frivilous games trying to foretell who our prince would ultimately be the boys had their own game that they played with the apple.  After eating the apple and left only with its core the boy would shout; "Apple core" to which someone replied; "Baltimore ... whose your friend?"  Someone would shout out a name of another boy in the group and then the apple eater would throw the apple core at that boy and shout out; "Not no more !"  Just one of the many ways that the sexes are different. LOL
Do you recall any cute little games or traditions such as these and if so please share them with me, I'd love to read them.


  1. I STILL twist my apple stems and say the could you's, it's...well, it's the way it is done! (Have to keep honoring that little girl.)
    Lovely post, BTW. Thanks.

  2. Cute post! I remember the twisting of the apple stem game...hadn't thought about that in years! :-)

  3. Oh how cute is that?! Wow I don't think we had anything like this when I was a pre-teen, nothing I remember off the top anyway. When my friends and I got together we were well versed in making up dances, watching the musical acts we liked on video and writing silly stories that included those same celebrities. that I think about it, I wonder how any of us ever landed a boyfriend haha! Great read and don't be embarassed of your sink, at least it's clean which is far more than I could say about mine at any given moment :-)

  4. Oh the fun and games! (I don't really remember any games we played growing up except just chasing boys and trying to kiss them, oh we were blatant 7 year olds He! He!)

    Have a lovely day :) T.

  5. Gee I'm sorry you've been sick. Richard and I have had a cold that has held on for weeks! It started like an allergy and then settled into our lungs for a good long stay. I only cough at night-how about you? Did you see a blog friend of lanyard lady is having brain surgery today? That can be very tricky. My best friend's hub had brain cancer and had 3 brain surgeries. I love your story about the peel. I had the other one (the ABC one) when I was growing up. How about cootie catchers? Did you have those? The fortune thingys? I think cootie catcher is not a very socially acceptable name now a days even though we all know that head lice still exists-and isn't that what a "cootie" is?
    xo plantress

  6. I have never heard of that game before.. that is super sweet.
    I do feel bad for any people names beginning with the letter "W" though... that would have to be one really long peel to get that! ;)

  7. I had that same damn cold 2 weeks ago - UGH - then I got food poisoning so I feel for you!!! Hope your doing better. We still have fun with those silly little paper fortun tellers. Want to keep a child busy for an hour make a few of those!

  8. SOiNTOiT - Same here, but I always felt sorry for those guys with names like William or Vance. Guess if a girl has a crush on some boy named Yancy, she'd have to be very gentle with turning that apple stem.

    Jenn Flynn-Shon - Well Jenn, my generation didn't have videos. We did have TV and of course the old Dick Clark's American Bandstand, so we did dance. :)

    T - I remember games like that too. The boys always ran screaming "cooties", but I think they really didn't mind it nearly as much as they made it appear, matter-of-fact I think a lot of them actually wanted to get caught. LOL

    Plantress - Yes this bug has been making the rounds and a lot of people have caught it ... not from me personally (as I stayed home as soon as my throat starting feeling raw). Sorry you and Richard had your own share of this pesky flu bug.
    Thanks about the heads up on LandyardLady's blog, I went and checked it out, left a comment. Hope Kathy will be okay.
    I'm familiar with cooties, not with cootie catchers. It was always either the boys catching cooties from the girls or girls catching cooties from the boys. Guess maybe you're right about cooties being head lice, I remember the game of "Cootie" which had something to do with constructing this big plastic bug. I had forgotten about the paper fortune tellers, they were fun to make and play with ... gosh it's been so long I think I've forgotten how the fold the paper ! Whew ... have I messed anything ? BTW, were you a hyperactive child or did you leave your comment after having a caffeine high ? Never mind, I really loved it and you made my day. :D

    cabin + cub - Each generation has its own special traditions and superstitions. And the poor guys with names at the end of the alphabet did get married so the apple never really jinxed them, thank goodness. ;)

    My Life Under the Bus - Oh wow, it's bad enough to fight that never-ending-cold, but to have food poisoning on top of it, how yucky is that ? Sorry to hear you were ill and glad that you're better now.
    Funny, both you and Plantress mentioned the paper fortune teller, I had forgotten about those. It's been so long I doubt that I could still remember how to make one. Maybe either you or Plantress could blog directions on how to fold the paper into one of those as I dropped my old "Magic 8 Ball" years ago ... they don't bounce very well at all and the idea of have a "Magic Jar" with black water inside, foretelling your future just isn't the same. =)

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