Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mares are from Venus; Stallions are from Mars

Photo above - sign on Savannah's stall; one hip mare !
Scooby Doo, our granddaughter's horse, is being prepared for shows. Seems Scooby must have been through this course before as he seems to know what he is supposed to do, though at times he's reluctant to do so.
Photo above - Lexie with Scooby, preparing to practice their parade before the judge. Lexie tried to get Scooby to trot but he refused and with his ears slightly back, his way of pouting, he moped along sullenly. Turns out this practice session came during his normal "play time" and he longed to be in the pasture with his friends and rolling in the mound of clean, soft, white sand that our area of Florida is known for. Photo above - Lexie trying to get Scooby to stand square before parading him to the orange practice cone.
Photo below - He's sort of squared but he keeps looking over at my daughter as though to ask; "Do I have to do this ? When can I go play?" The other horse "enduring" this practice session is Banner, one of Scooby's stable-mates.

Photo below - Savannah, one of the residents of the stables where Scooby resides. She's a bit out of focus because I failed to set my camera for action shots and, well, horses don't stand still all the time.

Lately I've been having trouble with blogger and if anyone can advise me I'd much appreciate it. First I can't stay signed in, not even for a few seconds, as soon as I leave blogger and return I have to go through the whole sign in procedure. And yes, I cleared my cookie cache but that didn't help. I just reverted back to the Old Editor as with the latest edition of Editor I can only download one photo into my blog. In order to download another photo I have to get out of blogger, return, sign in again, and download one more photo. This has to be repeated for each photo. Today I gave up and went back to the old version of blogger editor. I'd be grateful for your suggestions as this frustration may be one of the reasons I've begun to slack off on my blogging. Fighting to place photos and, with the old editor, batteling with spacing that is constantly changing on me, getting booted out of sign in everytime I leave blogger ... Oh and then for awhile many of my blog comments came directly to my delete file of my email ... if this keeps up I just might throw in the towel and call it quits.


  1. hahaha ! Horses and children are not far apart are they? Love the sign! : )

  2. Oh don't do that :(

    I'd miss you!

    Lexie and Scooby seem very content together. And the sunshine I'm jealous (so, ok, we are having a little bit of a break from the rain but it will be back :(

    Sorry, I have no advice about Blogger I have to get the techno whizzes in the house on that everytime something changes!

    Hope you get it sorted.

    Have a lovely evening, hope you are feeling better too! T. :)

  3. Blogger has been giving me wonky issues too! But I think it is mostly my puter as it is all wonky too! Sorry I couldn't help with it!
    I love the pics! Horses are so regal!

  4. Oh I hope you don't call it quits! I know how frustrating blogger can be at times though but I'd really miss your posts :-(

    Have you tried to get in touch with the blogger folks directly? How long has it been going on? They've helped me in the past so it might be a good way to go. Sorry I can't give you more advice. Good luck with it!

    Play and play all day huh? I guess even horses can't deny the awesomeness of the weather and surrounding landscape that is Florida :-) I'm sure Scooby will do just fine. When is the show?


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