Monday, November 15, 2010


Photo above ... Our pantry is now refilled with a "Delirious" delicious snack.

A week ago this Monday, John and I trekked up to our Ellenton Premium Outlet Mall. Granted this is not a mall on the level of Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota but to us it is grand enough with its 220 shops.  Ellenton Outlet Mall is laid out like a small village with avenues meandering throughout the array of storefronts creating an atmosphere conducive to strolling and browsing, a very pleasant way to spend the majority of a day ... if one had nothing else on their agenda.

Our trip to Ellenton however had a purpose; John was out of Moose Munch.   In our home a cupboard bare of this caramelly, nutty goodness is a catastrophe.   Usually every few weeks or every couple of months Harry & David, the home of the Royal Rivera Pears, has its Moose Munch specials and so, with coupons in hand, we made our pilgrimage to our local Moose Munch Mecca: Harry & David.

Photo above ... John trying to decide which assortment of Moose Munch to purchase, no easy task as there are a number of different flavors to choose from.
Photo below (and at the top of this post)... Harry and David's Moose Munch.  If you're thinking it's just another brand of Crackerjacks you'd be mistaken, Moose Munch compared to our old childhood caramel corn snack is like comparing  14 karat gold to iron pyrite.

Photo above ... Inside Harry & David, yummys  cram every nook, corner and cranny in this wonderful little shop. 
Photo below ... It is a store I could spend hours in and I love the way things are merchandised. The combination of colors in their displays is wonderful and whimsical.  The red and yellow in this display really captured my attention.


  1. Oh yum!
    I know what I'm putting on my "stocking" wish list for Christmas!

    That Dark Chocolate one you have heaven!!

  2. I must look out for Moose Munch if ever I am in your area. It sounds like the sort of snack I would like.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today! Pearl

  3. Sounds so good. I know what you mean about shopping in an H&D store. Everything looks wonderful.

  4. MMMM Moose Munch. Now I'm hungry!!

  5. Moose Munch is the pinnacle of its kind. I love the photo of John surrounded by M-M of every variety. Now, I gotta get me some!!!

  6. PS - everytime I wear your necklace I get at least 2 times, from the same people who complimented me before. I just love it!

  7. Now you have done it . I won't rest till I have some of that Munch in hand xxx

  8. That sounds exhausting, 220 shops.:)

    Hope John is happy now with his stash :)

    It is the simple things in life that make it all worthwhile, right. :)

    Have a lovely day, T. :)

  9. I know what you mean about this store. There is always so much to look at and to touch and to love. Williams sonoma, crate and barrell: you had me at hello!

    I would love to learn how to make this amazing treat. I can eat a bag at a sitting which is probably not something to share with the world or be proud of. You are right when you say that cracker jacks pales by comparison. So does crunch and munch and those other snack type brands. I wonder if they use regular popcorn. I would like to make mine with cashew pieces...mmmm

  10. I adore Moose Munch and Harry and David's is right up the street!!

    Come enter my giveaway from Empress of the Eye!You will love it!

    Art by Karena

  11. Target in my area ( northeast ) sells Moose Munch - I love the dark chocolate and have you ever had the Moose Munch candy bars??? ~*HEAVEN*~ They are so rich I can't even eat the whole bar at once I usually break them in half YUM!!!

  12. Oh now see that's just not I think we have a H&D's in the mall closest to me but this silly little diet I'm on doesn't allow for much in the way of sweets...but then again it doesn't say never eat it...

  13. Moose Munch is dangerously delicious! Last year the Tanger Outlet mall gave away free boxes to the first 100 customers that visited on Black Friday. Oh my. 0.o

  14. Mooooooooooose Muuuuuuuuuunch (as my husband calls it). Yum. Gimme.


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