Monday, November 29, 2010

Spread Your Wings And ... Dry

December is approaching faster than a jet airliner that's just inches from touching the tarmac. 
To say I've been distracted would be putting it mildly and I'm sure I'm not totally alone in feeling this way.  So today I'll keep it short with few words and two photos that I've taken of a local  bird called an Anhinga.  The Anhinga is an excellent fisher-bird but lacks the oil glands to keep its feathers dry therefore it needs to spread its wings after each dip to allow them to dry.

How are your preparations going for this wonderful, though at times frazzling, time of year ?  Have your shopping list all checked off?  Cards ready to be mailed?  Baking all done?  Tree up and house decorated? As for myself, all I can say is; "How I wish!" :)


  1. Ok house is decorated with the exception of the tree (next weekend) baking I haven't started and why did you have to remind me about the cards? LOL


  2. Yikes, you are scaring me. It's not even Dec 1 yet. I haven't even bought cards. I have decorated my 2 mantles, the hanging lamp in the dining room, greens outside and put up the little fake tree on the long table. Big tree comes later when Mr. grumpy pants gets in the spirit of the season. He idapproves of getting the tree too early. He prefers to wait until all the good ones are gone! Heigh ho, I don't care, I still feel ahead of the game. xo

  3. Isn't it funny how after's HERE! I always feel the rush after. This year I'm doing is about 90 percent done and the tree will be finished by this weekend.

    Getting there anyways...take a deep breath and just enjoy the season!

  4. Kristen and Plantress- You're both way ahead of me. No decorations anywhere in my home yet but I did buy a box of Christmas cards ... however they are still in the box. LOL

    Meeling - after reading your lovely blog about your Thanksgiving I'm blown away with all that you did. Wow, what a gourmet meal and your attention to all the details from centerpiece to place settings to the buffet table ... and then to look like a lovely goddess on top of it all. You're amazing. I can't begin to imagine what your home will look like for Christmas. Can people hire you to decorate and cater for the holidays ? :)

  5. Haven't done a thing..........oh I tell a lie....I have everything I am giving to my kids......(MY CHECK BOOK.....He! He!)

    Have a lovely Evening, T. :)

  6. How pretty of a bird. In the Florida sun I bet he dries off & warms up really quickly (now that's my moment to say 'how I wish!' lol). This time of year its sometimes enough to get up and face the gray cold outside for me let alone get all that other stuff done. Of course now that its December I really want to decorate the house...maybe I'll do that while I procrastinate working today lol. Have a great day my friend! ♥ Jenn


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