Friday, November 12, 2010


The Crab Trap II is one restaurant we always go to when we are in the area of the Ellenton Outlet Mall ... which is just where we were this past Monday.

We enjoy the menu with it's vast variety, from Conch Fritters to Gator Fritters and lots of oddities in between, however we normally stick with the standard fare of stone crab, crab cakes, shrimp or fish.

Yes this sign is just outside of the Crab Trap, and yes the large pond does have a few gators in it and that's quite common in Florida.

The interior of the Crab Trap is very tropical with lots of bamboo, ceiling fans and sea shell light fixtures.

Cypress Knees are another oddity that was used in the Crab Trap decor.  These "knees" are usually seen protruding up out of the water in a swamp or bayou, their purpose is still a mystery.  Some botanist think they furnish the cypress trees with air or perhaps minerals.  Here they look like stalactites ...

... or stalagmites.

The main dinning area is built on 2 levels so there are a few steps to negotiate between the upper and lower dinning rooms.  By doing it this way the upper level can also enjoy the lovely views from the Crab Trap windows.

Someone got carried away with the lighting in this restaurant.  Pendants have shades of  weathered wood slates and there are chandeliers made of large cypress stumps that have been cleverly wired and lights attached.  Large sea shells have been made into wall sconces and then there are strings of Christmas lights draped everywhere.

But what I enjoy the most, as I munch on a delicious crab burger, is the view outside their windows .


  1. Very eclectic decor - it looks like a church in some of the photos.

  2. It has a very interesting interior...I like the stalagmites.
    Their menu sounds good...yum!

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. What an interesting place; and the thought of that crab burger makes my mouth water.

  4. Looks like a wonder for all things crabby. (and there you were eating a crabby you watch Sponge Bob?)...The place is a hoot, and view is really tranquil and pretty.
    A friend took me out to lunch today to Parker's Lighthouse with a view of the Queen Mary. He had a crab cake. It was one of those really nice warm fall days in LA.

  5. oh the lighting is awesome. Looks like an ideal setting. I love making crabcakes :)

    Looks like you and John had a fun day tog.

    Have a lovely day T. :)

  6. hey tash stole what I was going to say about sponge bob made in heaven restaurant. I love fresh sea food and this kind of kooky restaurant. Sounds like the two of you had a day made in heaven between the moose munch from harry and davids and the seafood. conch fritters sound like yum. With melted butter and lemon? Yes, please!

  7. Mmmm, I could really go for some crab right now. The place is certainly full of charm! If the food is even half as good as the decor I can definitely understand why you keep going back. And of course, the view is amazing but I have to know, have you ever seen a gator peek its head up out there? Scary! lol

  8. I love seafood! Gator fritters sound interesting. Loved all the photos!


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