Friday, November 5, 2010


Sometimes the greatest gifts are the ones we least expect; the ones that come for no particular reason. 
Yesterday John, my darling hubby, went to the store to get a few things for dinner.  Upon arriving back home he called out; "Come see what I got!"   So I ventured into the kitchen where he proudly showed me a rolled chicken breast stuffed with seasoned breadcrumbs and chopped garlic, along with a package of thin skirt steaks that we will marinate for the following day.  Okay, that should make us  two nice meals.  But then he exclaims; "Oh yes and one more thing that I didn't have room to carry in."  At this he leaves the kitchen and promptly returns with the most beautiful bouquet of exotic 2 tone, Colombian roses I have ever seen.  Why ?  "Just Because!"  Just because they were lovely; just because he knew I'd like them; just because he wanted to.  Boy am I the luckiest woman ... just because I've got the greatest man !
I'm no photographer but I've taken a few photos of my "Just Because" bouquet to share with all of you ... Just Because I think you are all the greatest too.


  1. Oh yeah "Just Because" is awesome!
    Hey I wanted to tell you that the cellini spiral is a stiff stitch but it feels like butter on the wrist if you can get the combo you are looking for it will be so worth it!


  2. How lovely! Just because surprises are the absolute best.

    Beautiful color tones in the roses too.

  3. There's nothing better than "just because" surprises. They are stunning. Lucky you!

  4. What beautiful flowers. My Richard is not a just because kind of guy. He actually brought me flowers in the hospital that he picked by the side of the road on the way in and stuck in a tin can! no joke. I don't think I'd know what to do! I love your counter and family room too. It's like a little peek into your life. Great description of all the animals and dogs and kids and video games that are NOT at your house for thanksgiving. Made me smile. xo

  5. Plantress, that is so sweet. Handpicked flowers in a tin can is really rather special, kind of like the macaroni necklace that our children made for us back in preschool or first grade. It's the thought that counts and the thought was based on love. :)

    Yeah, my daughter's place is like the TV section of a huge appliance store. So much going on around you, you don't know where to look first or when to duck. If you hear someone holler; "Fore", you'd better dive under the nearest table. LOL

  6. Oh how sweet - I agree unexpected gifts for no reason are the BEST !!! ...and sooo pretty!

  7. Oh Anna, what a lovely gift. What a sweetie your John is :)

    Love the colours :)

    Have a lovely weekend, T. :)

  8. You are one lucky girl...ooh there is so nothing like a beautiful bouquet of just because flowers!! I gotta admit I got a little jealous lol. They are fantastic color, the two tone is beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with all of us :-)

  9. What a wonderful husband you have, he's a keeper for sure.

  10. aww that is so romantic! those flowers look pretty special :)


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