Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finding Life's Balance

Photos above ... Basically of the same area, one taken in deep morning fog the other in bright afternoon sunshine.  Like all things,  balance makes a major difference.

In my last post I was mulling over advice given by an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guru who advocated total dedication and servitude to the god of Online Blessings and Success. Much of what was taught we’ve heard or read before on any number of websites or articles regarding the ins and outs of SEO but in this particular case, this particular guru actually preached that nothing else mattered. That if one was not willing to sacrifice their time with friends and family, moments to read a book (a book not related to SEO or anything regarding the Internet) or take in a movie, go to a child’s baseball game, spend time at the gym … in short give up their life … they would not become an online success. In their viewpoint success was measured only by being immersed in the Internet, being online 24/7. To this I had a problem and seems the majority of you agreed: there are things more important than success. Life is too short and too sweet to waste day after day staring at a computer monitor and everyone concurred that a healthy balance was necessary. Many had been or were rethinking their own over saturation with their many online presences. Some were cutting back, some were cutting out. Basically the consensus is we need to carefully balance the scales and what works for one is not a panacea for all.

Though the geniuses of SEO’s tell us that we need to cram the whole pie in our mouth in order to achieve online success the true secret is to not bite off more than you can chew. While the secret to life may be a deep mystery, one thing for certain is that it requires balance.
I wish you all a healthy balance to your life and may you have a Happy Thanksgiving ... preferably one spent around a table filled with delicious abundance and surrounded by those dearest to you … and NOT staring at the cold, unfeeling glow of one’s computer monitor. ; )


  1. Beautifully said. I couldn't agree more. Have a blessed holiday with family and friends.

  2. Oh gosh -- that was their advice?


    Then I don't want to be that kind of success!

  3. Anna, Wishing you a wonderful, Happy and safe Thanksgiving and yes, I am getting off the computer right now to enjoy a cuppa tea and read my book :)

    Have a lovely evening, T. :)

  4. Awesome post! You will find the balance that is right for you and be so much better for it!

    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving as well Anna and hope your day is spent with as many people you love as possible!

    Currently staring at the glow of my monitor...but dinner is at 4:00 so that won't last very long :-)

  6. I completely agree !!!
    But,I am taking a break to read this blog and a few others while the turkey cooks.I think the ability to balance internet presence and real life interactions is extremely important.Unless,of course,your personal goal is to become a robot!!!
    I do strive to create balance in my daily life.However,today the only balance I seek is the balance that will allow me to heap more goodies on my plate without spilling!LOL!!!
    Best wishes to all, m.e. :)

  7. You are so right!
    Thanks for the reminder to find balance. I really needed to hear that!

  8. You're right, the key is definitely balance! I spend a lot of time on the computer, but it usually feels more like play than work when I'm trying to promote my art. And I still have time to hold a day job, relax, hang out with family and friends, AND sleep 8 hours a day.

    Hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving, btw. And in response to your last comment on my blog, you're not alone! It's been a tough year for sales everywhere, but I have my fingers crossed things will look up for us this holiday season!!


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