Sunday, July 11, 2010

Don't Count Your Chicks...

More Fuzzy Photos follow below...

July is a busy month for my family as, along with our Nation’s Birthday on the 4th, we have 3 other birth dates to celebrate.  John, my darling hubby, has his birthday on July 11th, our oldest daughter was born on July 2nd and our youngest daughter will be celebrating her birthday on July 20th.

Since my daughter, Kathi, was preoccupied on her July 2nd birthday, we got together on July 10th to have a family get-together-BBQ.

At this point I wish to explain that my lovely daughter seems to have a thousand and one things always going on at the same time, Kathi is mother to 4 beautiful and very active children, works a full-time and very demanding  job, plus she keeps the books for her husband’s lawn and yard maintenance business.
Currently she has 3 beagles and 5 cats to care for along with a nice size garden of corn, tomato, cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, okra, and soon to sprout pumpkins.
Her garden has been her pride and joy this summer but it does take time to water, weed, spray and tend.
On top of these basic responsibilities she has her son’s baseball practice and games to attend, not to mention the post game parties and barbecues; her youngest daughter has softball practice and games, her older daughter has golf lessons and horse back riding…barrel racing lessons no less!

When I close my eyes and try to picture Kathi running around  taking care of all these responsibilities, switching from one of her many "job titles" to another, all I can see is a blur, so it is hard to express the surprise I got when I heard that she now has a brood of little baby chicks … thirteen in all!

Photo above..."Wait hold that shot!  I've got a few pin-feathers out of place."

Photo above...Really, they were facing me and then suddenly turned away, guess it was time to eat.  Cute fannies though!

Photo above...No the chick is not dead !  Just dead tired.  They tend to lay down and pass out anywhere and in any position.  The first couple of  times it happened my daughter had a panic attack and thought the chick had died.  Rest assured that little Blondie is perfectly okay, just sound asleep...until one of the other chicks decides to try and walk on top of her.

Sorry that so many of my pics are a little fuzzy (no pun intended) but baby chicks do not stand still for man or camera and I didn't think to set my shutter speed on fast until the very last photos.

Photo above..."Hey! What You Lookin' At?"

Photo above..."Aw gee!  Do I have to have my picture taken...again?"


  1. Oh, those baby chic pics are so cute. Looks like you have a busy month, our birthday month is December - it's busy and expensive. ; )

  2. oh so cute and fluffy and fuzzy!!!! little baby chicks are so cute.. well, actually baby anything are so darned cute! ;)

  3. Those baby chick pics are darling! But why is she raising chickens? It's hard for me to think of eating them if I have to raise them from egghood. lol

  4. Kathi is a marvel! Takes after Mom?
    The chicks are soooooo cute. I think hour photos of them are just great, a little fuzzyness shows the motion which must be constant. My friend who has a huge back yard was talking about getting some chicks...I just thought they would be too much work keeping the chick/hen house clean. Your daughter IS a real marvel.

  5. maureencracknell yes December would be the worst month to have a slew of birthdays in. I Know as my birthday falls in Dec. and our wedding anniversary also falls in that month. LOL
    cabin+cub - you are so right almost all little baby animals are too darn cute...just like you sweet "little muffin". Bet he is growing and getting more and more aware of things with each and every day that passes.
    Cathryn - Not to worry. All the chicks are "supposed to be" females and my daughter, Kathi, is looking forward to the day when she doesn't have to purchase another egg. Another nice thing is you don't need a rooster to get chicken eggs, you just start feeding the hens a special "laying" mash and they start laying unfertilized eggs. :)
    Tash - I don't know how she does it, I just wish I had half the energy that she has...oh what I could get accomplished.

  6. I love the pictures. Those little fuzzies are just too cute! OK now Mom take a breath cuz it sounds like you raised a good girl!

  7. WOW! They are really so very cute. Your daughter definitely has her hands full!

    Your Daughter and my son share the same birthday, he just turned 19 on the 2nd. I told him to enjoy his last year as a teenager :)

    My daughters B. Day in on the 4th of July :)

    Hope John had a wonderful B.Day yesterday, regards, T. :)

  8. Oh my goodness they are totally adorable! But man, I thought I was busy, how in the world does Kathi manage it all? I'd be a blubberring puddle of goo lol. What are they doing with the chicks? The kids must love them!

    Happy birthday to everyone! I bet the BBQ was a great time :-)


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