Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summertime Lethargy

Photo above...A tree grows at the entrance to our local Wally world store.

It's summertime and....
It's hot...
I'm suffering from fried brain syndrome...
I'm lethargic and ________ (fill in the blank) 

It has been over a week since I refreshed my blog and I owe my favorite fellow bloggers my deepest apologies.  As for something new and exciting to blog about...well it's hard to come across excitement when one is cocooned inside avoiding the heat and staying where central air maintains a consistent cool temperature of 80 degrees or less (yes our A/C is set on 80).

My 9 year old granddaughter, little Miss Tomboy Dare-Devil, was out stunt driving a 3 wheel , all terrain vehicle this past weekend.  In her world of "I am invincible! See me roar!" she somehow  managed to flip it over on herself.  Fortunately the injuries weren't extremely severe, no broken bones, no concussion, decapitation nor amputations.  She did have the end of a handlebar puncture her thigh (thankfully missing her knee) which required a trip to the emergency room, X-rays and stitches.  The doctor said she was lucky as it JUST missed an artery, and had it been a few inches lower it could have mutilated her knee.   Children make life so exciting !   That's why mothers go prematurely gray !

I'll not be posting photos of the accident nor of her injury.  However on a lighter, brighter note I have some photos of a tropical, local tree that seems to be bursting forth in a riot of sunny, yellow blossoms, making it's presence known above all the tree tops.  Hope you enjoy...just don't ask me what the tree is, for I haven't a clue.


Now how about a tall, ice filled glass of lemonade or Sun-Tea?


  1. while twere very nice pictures of that tree I did want to see the three wheeler and her boo-boo face after the accident. sigh

  2. I have my own little dare devil so I really don't need to see the pics, thank you! The tree is so pretty!

    As for not blogging, it's ok! Life Happens!


  3. Hey you! Thanks for your blog comments! Come see my reply
    More Later!

  4. I am so glad your grand daughter is OK.

    Children can be challenging when they don't understand danger can't they but we have to let them try things too.

    Sorry you have such unbearable weather. I think my brain would be fried too, or should I say more fried :)

    Stay cool, T. :)

  5. that tree looks beautiful!

    and am glad to hear your granddaughter missed major injury. probably more traumatic for the adults though!

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  7. I'm lethargic and ________ (fill in the blank)

    Sun baked :-)

    Summertime sure is nice but yes, this has really been a hot one here too. Maybe that's why I haven't posted anything in a month!

    Yowza, I really hope your granddaughter is doing better, sounds like something I would have done at age 9 so I can (possibly literally) feel her pain!


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