Saturday, July 10, 2010

Doubling Your Space Clutter Buster

If life had an "undo" or "go back" button, I would have worn my out ages ago!

When I chose the cabinet for my bath vanity, I thought 3 drawers would be fine; 1 shallow drawer and 2 deep drawers. Deep drawers are great for big bulky items or tall items such as bottles of shampoo, hand lotion etc., however it never dawned on me that 2 deep drawers was over kill.  Deep drawers end up becoming a cluttered mess with small things like cotton balls, combs, scrunchies and hair clips getting buried under larger items. Meanwhile cords from hair driers and curling irons became intertwined and tangled up into a rat's nest.

To be able to click "go back" and restart the decision making process would have been a blessing, definitely I would  have picked a 4 drawer unit having 3 shallow drawers and only 1 deep drawer...but life doesn't have any of my PC's lovely reset features.

Photo above...shows the new shallow drawer that John added to my vanity cabinet.  Shallow drawer is closed and when the modified deep drawer is shut the unit looks unchanged from its original format.

Certainly there are plastic drawer doublers designed to house small items, that simply set on the top edge of the existing cabinet drawer and slide forward and back, though none are made to fit my particular drawer dimensions. In the end there were only 2 choices; either replace the whole drawer cabinet (no way was this about to happen) or somehow replace 1 deep drawer with 2 shallow drawers...big question was; how? Fortunately Kraftmaid had the answer. Within Kaftmaid's tome of "Framed Cabinet Specifications",  a book containing a plethora of cabinet options, components and accessories, was just the creature I had been looking for...a shallow drawer unit that would fit inside and above an existing drawer.

Photos above and below show the inside of the modified drawer allowing easier access to all those "little" things that have a way of getting lost or buried under the clutter.

All I can say is; "Hurray ! Now things are organized and I can find my clips and scrunchies without digging through 6 inches of clutter." This makes me happy, very, very happy. :)


  1. I hope they stay that way for you! Every time I organize a drawer it stays that way for about a week (2 if I'm lucky) but then again it's not just me my daughter is a 'throw it in a drawer and see how much fits' kinda girl ;)

    Looks great!

  2. Kristen - Yes drawers do have that annoying habit of rearranging themselves. It's too easy to toss things into a drawer and think; "I'll straighten it up next time". Junk drawers are particularly notorious for this and have a way of turning into a miniature landfill.

  3. I want that in MY bathroom! Amazing isn't it, HOW we can plot and plan and still not predicting what we need in a bathroom?!?!? I wish I had opted for drawer space instead of cabinet space--that would have made my life soo much easier to keep clean. As it is, our bathroom has been modified to house ill/wounded/recovering cats, so the part I had envisioned of holding all the cleaning supplies out of site but handy is not being used for that purpose! *sighs*

    I guess that's what my gramma would have called "life."

  4. I love that you were able to get a drawer to go inside your existing drawer, it all looks lovely and tidy.

    I am definitely the organiser from hell (as far as my family is concerned) I like everything in its place, of course that doesn't happen all the time, and I nag if it isn't! But with 5 people constantly coming and going it can get messy in a hurry.

    I love junk drawers, I always find things in there I thought were gone forever, it is more like a treasure trove to me :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, T. :)

  5. I'm addicted to plastic storage space makers! My mom is a clean freak but a notorious clutterer (yeah I made that one up). You could eat off her counter tops but you look in a drawer or under a cabinet...YIKES. I told her the last time we visited that her bathroom cabinets scared me. After she got over being offended (what can I say, she's a little sensitive...I WAS only kidding...sorta), she dragged me down to Target to help her find some space maker stuff. Of course it also meant she had a reason to have me "show her" how to organize (translation, make me do it). It looked pretty good, but it's been almost 2 years now and I'm afraid to see what might have regressed!

  6. Cool! Who knew that there was such a thing? I try to keep organized, but it's a super challenge because I'd rather get things out than put things away.

  7. And I can understand why you'd be very happy x 3, this is the most brilliant thing ever! Yea for you discovering the most practical and functional solution (and for John for installing them!) You're so creative, its like nothing ever stops you when you want to make it work. That rocks :-)


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