Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Beginning To Feel ...

Before our Florida cold snap we had a forewarning that our weather was about to change, it came in the form of dense morning fog.  These photos were taken a few short weeks ago.
Photo above ... Looking out across our front yard.

Photo below ... Looking out across our back yard. 
Photo below ... Our poinsettia bush was just starting to show a tinge of red.  Here it is covered in dew drops from the heavy fog.

Photo above ... A better picture of the, not yet fully mature, poinsettia bracts.
Photo below...Dew drops on poinsettia bush. 

Photos below ... Amazing what a change a couple of weeks can make.  The red bracts of the poinsettias have gotten bigger and brighter.  This bush stands at almost 4 feet high and is covered in bright red poinsettias. Hope we can keep the frost from damaging this lovely display of Christmas red and green.



  1. Oh you blossoms are gorgeous! Hey I am also so happy your daughter has a new exciting job! The holidays will be wonderful!

  2. What a gorgeous plant! I hope the cold doesn't get it. We've been in a deep freeze for days now; I'm ready for flip-flop weather again.

  3. Wow! Great color you got on the poinsettia, looks amazing!

  4. Ok I must be having a blonde moment because I didn't even know that pointsettias grew " in the wild" I thought they were only a green house plant! It's gorgeous!

    I noticed your comment on Poppys blog - a friend on mine has a daughter with unbelievabley sensitive skin. She is a red head and is EXTREMELY pale. Even a cold day or the wrong piece of clothing will leave her skin marked and irritated.The smallest touch leaves a hand print on her. I remember her saying the dermatologist had a name for it - I will have to ask her.

  5. wow. I have never seen a poinsettia in a bush form, or, for that matter, in the ground in an actual garden. I live in zone 7b so I imagine that is why I've never seen it. After this it wouldn't surprise me if you had wild jasmine and fushias cascading over a fence or stone wall. I like the fog, especially when inside with a cup of coffee and no immediate plans to leave the warmth of my kitchen.

  6. Anna, what a lovely Poinsettia and outside too!

    The sunshine looks lovely :)

    Have a lovely Evening, T. :)

  7. I'm SO envious! I always wished I could have a poinsettia permanently planted, but one Texas summer would turn it into cinder. How could you NOT feel festive with that in your yard??

  8. Wow that pointsetta is HUGE! So pretty too! I love that they display such bold color at this time of year when just about everything else has died off to brown. I heard from a friend in Tampa that FL was being hit with a significant cold snap. Keeping my fingers crossed for the produce!

  9. My Life Under The Bus - I'd like to know the name of the condition that your friend's daughter suffers from. I could ask my doctor about it if it isn't one condition that has already been investigated.

    Jenn - Yes it has been very cold, very early in the season for Florida. I too hope it doesn't damage the farmers crops as that means tomatoes and other produce will have to be imported and the prices will go up.

  10. What a great progression of photos. Definitely a Christmas feeling in the air at your place.
    Here, not so much...high of 85! today. Way, way to hot; feels like June without the gloom.
    (I feel silly complaining about nice, warm weather, but I would like a cold spell for the holidays.)

  11. Tash - I know all too well what some of California's Christmases are like and can recall wearing cotton sundresses on many a Christmas Day. Even though it may be beautiful California weather, we tend to relate Christmas with chilly temps, even snow and icicles.
    Right now I'd gladly take some of your 85 degree weather as it is down to 29 degrees here in Florida and we are worrying about freeze damage to our plants (there goes the gorgeous poinsettia blooms).


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