Monday, August 19, 2013

What GOES Around COMES Around

Update June 2, 2014-  On 8/26/2013 I blogged about a great new website market place for handcrafted arts and crafts items.  The site was called Craftinest.

Unfortunately Craftinest is now no longer online.  No one knows what happened.  Though Craftinest did post on their facebook page that a fire had destroyed much of their sites equipment and they held out a promise to us that they would repair the damage and get the site back up and running . . . that promise is yet to materialize.   As I update this post is has been about 9 months since anyone has heard from Craftinest. Craftinest has not bothered to update their facebook page nor notify any of their many shop owners as to what is going on. All our emails are returned as undeliverable. We have pretty much given up hope that Craftinest will repair the fire damage and reestablish their website. 
Personally I believe that they grew too quickly and the inundation of so many artists and crafters overwhelmed them and their sites capacity to handle such an influx of shops and traffic.  The loss of Craftinest is sad as it held forth so much potential . . .  but sometimes things are simply not meant to be. 
Below is my old blog post of 8/19/2013 -
We've all heard about Paying it Forward and the old saying of "What goes around comes around".  It's something to do that helps make our world a better place and spreads human kindness and generosity around.
Today I've been promoting for a facebook photographer Karen Adams, who has just applied (with my encouragement) for her own Craftinest shop.  Karen also has a lovely etsy shop but like myself, she is looking to expand in order to get more online exposure. 

Karen was like I was about applying, very timid and not sure that she could make it to 100 votes but decided she had nothing to lose so jumped in with both feet.

When I asked all my wonderful family and friends to vote for me, I was impressed that Craftinest did not require their voters to first register with their site - a truly big bonus as no one likes to come up with a user name and another password in order to cast a vote. 
Karen's voting page can be found at   

please if you have a moment just click on the link, take a peek at her photo samples and give her a 5 heart vote.

I know that a few of you have already cast your votes, via my facebook post for Karen, and I want to thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart - I know I would not have been able to get my required 100+ votes had it not been for great friends like you.  :)


  1. I voted... Karen's photography is beautiful, Anna!

  2. Voted! Hope she makes it in! :)

  3. This is so sweet that you are doing this :)

    That is what we all need, good friends who encourage us everyday, thank you :)

    I Voted and enjoyed K.'s work :)

    Cheers, T. :)

  4. Done! Really beautiful and meaningful photography!

  5. Aw I always love to read about people paying it forward! Best of luck to Karen & to you with your new shop!

  6. Gorgeous garden. I will be sure to check out your link! xo style, she wrote.

  7. I'm so glad you made it in and I sincerely hope Karen does too! And I wish you both much success. XO

  8. Karen has beautiful work, I voted!
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