Monday, May 12, 2014

Life has an Expiration Date !

Enjoy life... it has an



 It's all too easy to take ourselves  and life much too seriously.  We are on this beautiful blue planet for only a short time, during that time let us enjoy each moment.  Let us pass kindness and joy onto others, a smile can be contagious ... let us give it to everyone we met.  :)
Found this lost in back pages of my list of blog posts, it was marked as  "Draft" so guess I never got around to posting it.  Such a shame for it has merit and is a wonderful message to pass on to others and to keep in our thoughts.  May you always be joyful and find kindness wherever you go.


  1. yes. seize every moment of it! have a great day! keep in touch!

  2. Maybe today was the day it was supposed to be posted. :) It is a great message to share.

  3. This is a beautiful message! And so true! And we miss so much of life as it goes by sometimes :(

  4. I do try......and that's a beautiful post! I'm so glad you found it and posted it! :D

  5. Stunning sunset and sweet sentiment!

  6. SO true if you can't laugh at yourself you are in for a long miserable haul! XOXO

  7. Wonderful message and beautiful photo, thanks for sharing!
    Everyday Inspired

  8. Really Beautiful and uplifting, thanks for that my dear :) T.

  9. That is so true and was published when it needed to be!

  10. Hi,
    It’s me again,
    You have been showcased on my blog hop. I hope you get a little more action on your blog for the next few weeks
    Have a great week.
    Deedra from the blog At My Counter


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