Thursday, June 19, 2014

Class of 1959

 Admittedly I am not a fan of class reunions but this was my hubby's 55th year reunion of his High School class of 1959, it was one he truly wanted to attend.  Most of the people there I did not know and had never met before and though everyone was quite cordial, there were moments when I found it grueling to sit through a long rendition of; "Do you remember so-and-so?" or, "Hey remember old Ms. What's-her-name who taught typing?"  and then there was always the, "Egad do you recall the time that you, me and Fibber McGee went and ...?"  Well, that last one was kind of fun to listen to. :D
The photo above is of the reunion reception desk. Joan, the lady sitting, greeted each guest with a warm, lovely smile and genuine friendliness. 
Wish my photo was sharper but I had to use the zoom feature and even then I had to crop to get a closer perspective.  Yes I'm still using my little Canon PowerShot A70, it's about 15 years old now and sports a band of blue Painter's Tape wrapped around it to keep the broken door to the memory-card chamber shut.  If this door isn't firmly closed it doesn't make contact and the camera will refuse to function.  The great thing about the A70 is that it's small and lightweight.

The above photo is of 2 of my hubby's classmates.  Unfortunately neither he nor I recall who the gentleman in the picture is.  The lady in the photo is Karen,
she and Joan are the ones responsible for preparing this and all the past class reunions.  Together they located classmates and kept in touch with them. Granted there was one classmate that insisted on not being found, once they had found him he promptly disappeared again.  Both Karen and Joan worked to find a suitable facility in which to host the reunion, they coordinated the catering and the set-up of the tables and banquet room.  It's a hard and dirty job, not many would be willing to take it on but these two ladies have done reunion after reunion and they've done it wonderfully and with pleasure.

The photo above was taken in the banquet room, each table had a bouquet of white roses with a small pennant stuck in its center - the pennant was in purple and gold my hubby's high school colors.  Speaking of my hubby, John, he is the shorter man in the white sweater, next to him is Don, one of his class of 1959 classmates and long time friend.
All in all the reunion was an enjoyable event, John got to meet and converse with a number of his old high school chums and many memories were rekindled. Will there be a 60 year class reunion?  Perhaps.


  1. Wow 55 years. That is pretty impressive.
    Glad you made it through. LOL

    1. Fortunately it was an early event and did not last long into the night. Not sure if that had anything to do with the time of the event as much as it had to do with the age of the attendees. :D

  2. I blew off my 30th in 2012. My class is, unfortunately, still very 'cliquey'. Nothing has changed in the last 30 years at all. The snooty women who organized it scheduled it for between Christmas & New Years, at a ritzy country club, and it was $60 per person. There was no way I was shelling out $120 during the worst time of year for money for that crap. Prime rib & a raw bar. Sorry. No can do. A lot of people were bitching about the cost and the women's attitude was, 'sorry you can't make it. Maybe next time.' So 8 of us blew it off and got together at the local watering hole in our hometown, ordered appetizers and enjoyed an intimate evening of chat and laughs. Plus it was snowing so bad that night!

    1. JoJo that's why I haven't attended any of my own class reunions. The last one I attended was a terrible bore, the old high school cliques were as evident as ever.

  3. I had a small graduating class of only 28, so it's fun to keep in touch. I sure hope I make it to my 55th reunion :)
    But I understand all the boring stories being an!

  4. Wow. What a long time out of high school. I am sure it brought up some fun memories.

  5. I haven't thought about how long ago I graduated from high school til I read this! I went to 3 different high schools and the one I graduated from I went to for only part of the year. I would feel like an outsider at that reunion!

  6. That is amazing that these ladies were so organised and put this together.

    It was never a tradition in England to have school reunions, once we "escaped" there was no going back, lol :)

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time :)

    Have a lovely Weekend, cheers, T. :)


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