Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Counting My Chickens

Appraiser has been here and gone. Was fairly painless, he took a stroll around the outside of our house...took some exterior measurements then came inside to look around. Going from room to room he jotted notes, took a photo or two and quickly went on to the next room. Now I suppose it’s just a waiting game. Will refinancing be approved ? Hopefully...can't see why it shouldn't, but then as the old saying goes; "Never count your chickens before they hatch" .

Found some very useful information yesterday. Inquired on one of the Etsy Forums how I could go about laying out my Etsy Mini to suit me, as I seemed to be having difficulty in getting it to respond to my clicking on my "featured" stars. Another Etsian, Dottyral of offered me help and a link to a tutorial that would allow me to pick out just the items I want and to place them in the order I want...just hope I can manage to do it...hate to admit it but I am definitely, Computer Technically Challenged !
For those who don't know, Dottyral makes the sweetest, cutest pin cushions...all handmade and so unique. A perfect gift for those friends of ours that like to sew.

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  1. Well, it looks like you figured it out beautifully because you Etsy mini looks great!!!


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