Saturday, February 28, 2009

Small Confession

Unfortunately A Beader’s Blog is not all about beads, their history, their composition and characteristics, where they are made or where precious and semi precious gemstones are mined. No, it’s not even about their chakra powers or a blog about beading how-to-do’s. I figured that that’s all been done before and just about anything one wishes to know is easily accessible on some website somewhere...more likely on many websites in many places. So forgive me for not going into minuet detail about either beads themselves or of beadwork, no details about how to do right angle stitch, odd or even count peyote, or the basic ladder and brick stitch.
This blog is about a beader, a A journal of my thoughts, ideas aspirations. Trying to keep it short and sweet will be my biggest challenge, so please be patient with me for, as the saying goes; "I’m a work in progress".
Photo is of past pieces that I had created and sold at my last Art Show...bracelet is made of Swarovski crystals in pink, amethyst and white opal , while necklaces feature beaded star flower beads, all have sterling clasps. Can't say as I earned much for all the time spent putting them minimum wage I would have made far more working at McDonald's...and that's the honest truth !

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