Saturday, August 8, 2009

In One Word....YUCK !

Photo above : UFO-coffee table-to-be is getting its base coat of latex paint. Unfortunately I used eggshell finish instead of satin finish. Now I know there is a difference and that difference, well it really makes a difference.

Does anybody know of a Voodoo witchdoctor that can remove a curse ? Not sure when it happened but suddenly I realized that everything I do turns out wrong. Now if this was just something that began recently I would tend to let it slide, but this has been plaguing me for awhile...oh like the past ten years or so.

At this stage I'm truly contemplating a curse removal or ritual cleansing. Have someone adept at the mumbo jumbo arts, rattle some snake fangs and dog's teeth over my head, blow smoke in my face and chase the bugaboos right out of my life.

above photo: base coat down on sides and have streaked a glaze to resemble a wood grain, of sorts, kind of, maybe, perhaps !
Photo below: more of the same but pretty blue tape has been removed.

Have been fighting with the faux finish that I wanted to put on the top of my coffee table project(aka UFO). When I first applied the crackle finish nothing happened. Twenty-four hours later it still hadn't crackled so I emailed Valspar paints to find out what to do. Seems I used the wrong paint finish, bought eggshell and should have purchased satin paint. Valspar said to go ahead and lightly sand the glaze and then apply a coat of latex satin paint and once dry go ahead with the glazing technique. Wasn't exactly what I wanted to do for the next couple of days but, okay I'd give it shot...after all it's only time.

Well, I won't go into long drawn out details, just suffice it to say I followed their recommendation but didn't get the results I had envisioned. In a's a mess. John, my hubby, was being very diplomatic. "Ah, yes, it's cracking this time. That's good." But once I had rubbed the darker glaze into the crackled surface I told John; "I'm not loving it !"
Photo above: the type of crackle I had anticipated and desired.

Photo below: Uneven crackling, some very tiny.

Photo below: Don't worry it's not contagious ! This is not at all the look I was striving for.
The pattern of the crackling is very sporadic, and I made every effort to apply it evenly and thickly. At this moment it looks more like it is suffering from a bad case of mange than sporting a fine faux finish.
Guess I'll go ahead and apply the clear protector coat and then go look for some nice ceramic tiles to cover the top with !


  1. I applaud you for attempting such a big project! Best of luck in completing - I wish I could help :)

  2. CaliforniaBlue your jewelry is beautiful, have hearted your etsy shop. As for the coffee table project I'm going to blame the mess on Florida's humidity since we seem to blame everything on the humidity down here. ,)

  3. You do sound like you are having a lot of fun with painting, Geckos and the "Cable Guy" (JK :)

    Don't you think that sometimes things happen in 3's? good or bad, I always hold out for the good 3's happening :)

    Have a great weekend, T.

  4. I think you're getting close! I can't wait to see the finished project!

    PS: How do you like ArtFire, so far? I just recently made my way over there and haven't been too sure of it, although the Etsy fees are starting to push me away so I had to try it.

  5. PoppyPlace - Hey, you're right ! I forgot about the saying that things always come in 3's. So sometime soon I should be getting a whole slew of good stuff bombarding me in sweet little packages of 3's. =D

  6. Ciao!!!!!! You're Brava! I read your blog, your posts are interesting and funny, I will follow it with pleasure. CIao, Italo.


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