Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Speed Racer...

On the loose in our house is a little lizard. Nothing really strange about that. This is Florida and many a lizard has found its way into the cool interior of our air conditioned abode.
Now if our newly acquired resident is a lizard extraordinaire I am hesitant to say. Unlike little Cameron, who was brilliant green with yellow lipstick, and who was able to change coloration, this small critter seems far more subdued and sports a skin of pinkish brown. Perhaps one would consider him mauve ? Also, unlike standard lizards, this little guy has tiny pads on each of his toes much like a chameleon or a gecko and he seems closer to the ground. I would have described him as squat to the ground, but that usually congers up images of slow, lethargic creatures and this wee fellow is anything but. I should know, I've been chasing him for several days now with little success. Not even remotely close to capturing him.
Yesterday I went to put away some freshly laundered towels and noticed a peculiar tail protruding from beneath the pile of linens in our linen cabinet. Carefully I lifted and remove the linens and, quick as lightening, Whizzie darted to the back of the cabinet. He turned around, looked directly at me and realized I was blocking his means of escape. With scarcely a moments pause he charged straight towards me, if he would have spoken, or if I could have understood him, I'm sure he probably yelled out something like; "Geronimo !" or "Die sucker, die !". Before I had an opportunity to blink he was flying through the air at me, shot over my right shoulder, landed on the floor behind me and darted out of the room to the safety of who-knows-where.
So we have a lizard loose in our house and I'm sure he has a black belt in one of the martial arts...perhaps he's a ninja lizard ?

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  1. Heehee, 'ninja lizard' that's fantastic :-) He sounds like a quick little sucker huh? Too funny, here in the northeast we get field mice, in FL you get little lizards but its the same thing little creatures looking for protection from the elements.

    Sorry I've been a slacker on answering your UFO question re: crackle -- you could always grab some glaze, tint it like 4 shades deeper than the show through color then rub it into the cracks all over so they are more pronounced seeming. Other than that there really is no way to make crackle cracks any larger unfortunately. Let me know what you end up doing :-)


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