Saturday, October 31, 2009

Divine Intervention

Photo above...Church of "Our Lady of the Angels" in Manatee county, Florida

There's something about the architecture of religious buildings that intrigues me, not sure if it's the symbolic significance behind the structure or if it is due to the reverence and devotion that went into the designing and construction of the buildings. After all they were built in honor of a higher power.

Photo above...The domed bell tower with its iron work cross, stands out strikingly against a blue sky.

Yesterday I was feeling a little depressed, could be I need a higher dosage of estrogen or psychotherapy ! To combat these doldrums I ventured out to the church of my choosing and spent a few quiet moments in prayer and meditation with my Lord.

Photo below...Some of the details of the bell tower, with its statuary, terra cotta barrel tile roof and cobalt blue ceramic tile work, there is an overall Spanish/Mediterranean look to the church. Reminds me of the missions in California.

One might say it was coincidence but upon returning home I had a couple of messages waiting. Someone wanted to come out and look at the patio set, and 3 others were interested in the sterling silver beads that I had posted on Craig's List . Later I found there was a sale from my Etsy shop waiting to be processed ! That afternoon the people came to look at the patio furniture, they liked what they saw and asked if we'd take $80, of course we would and did. So now our living room/dinning room area feels very spacious. Funny how getting rid of a little clutter opens up a room.
Guess I really need to spend more time with my Divine Creator...a lot more time !


  1. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience.

  2. I'm sure you feel relief in getting the patio furniture sold. I always feel better, because once you have decided you want it gone, it really has to go. :)

    Beautiful church and jealous of your sunshine :)

    Happy Halloween, going to hand out candy now,

    Regards, T. :)

  3. This is the most inspiring thing I have read in ages Anna! Maybe I'm just having a girlie moment but I kind of welled up with joy for you! Kudos on the Etsy and furniture sales & interest in the beads too. How awesome that you were able to manifest such wonderful things to happen just by having a little faith. Glad to hear you will both be able to breathe easier inside -- I bet the LR/DR feel huge now! That church is beautiful, I especially love the cross, its very different.


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