Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've been trying to simplify my life for about the last 4 years or so. Seems the simpler I try to make it the more complicated it becomes.
In the past I've attempted to sell a few items through my local Craig's List, funny how many inquiries I got and then after answering questions and in many cases sending addition photos I was met with this stony, cold wall of silence. Not one reply back, not even an; "I'm Sorry, but it's not what we're looking for."

At one time in the not too distant past we had 2 residences, a small townhouse in Miami and a small villa in Sarasota. It's a long story of how we came about having two places so I won't boar you, just wanted to make the point that because of this we had two complete homes filled with furniture.

Today I decided we really don't have the space or the need for 2 patio sets so I placed an ad in Craig's list for the table set pictured in this post. It's a nice set and in good condition.

photo below...2nd patio set taking up space in our living/dinning room area, along with a hodgepodge of other things that I can't seem to find homes for.

photo below...set without its cushions backed by more stuff...clutter !

So it seems Craig's List is following the same pattern as in the past, several phone calls and emails but nobody has bothered to come out and look. Now if we were to set it out on the street it would be gone in a flash, but since we're asking $100 and would probably take $75 or even $50 if it were offered...well no one is interested. I guess it's a streak in all of us that we want something for nothing and if we have to pay for an item that's used (unless it is vintage) then we'd rather walk away and pay full price for a brand new one. Maybe someday I'll figure out life, the galaxy and the universe. Perhaps if I read "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" a few more times ????

Photo below...taken out on our small patio, which is way too tiny for 2 sets of tables and chairs. But the weather is still like summer, was 98 degrees out there yesterday. So it is and will be for some time yet, outdoor dinning weather.

My Blog Giveaway still has a couple of days to go and has not made it to 20 entries yet. If you like jewelry and pretty brooches in particular take a look at my Giveaway a couple of posts down.


  1. Do you have any local "charity" consignment shops? My grandmother lives in Naples (the rest of the family is between Rotonda and Venice) and they regularly change out furniture that way. Some of them even pick up your furniture (and still give you 60% of the sale price).

  2. I find CL to be hit and miss, posting on a regular basis works if you are determined to sell. CL is a mix of pros. and amateurs so not all the same people are looking all the time. Good luck with selling the furniture, it sounds like a really good price.

    Oh, and tell me if you work out how the planet/universe works 'cause I don't have a clue! :)

    Regards, T.

  3. I've had really good luck with Craig's List, but I have sold off baby stuff through them and those kind of items go like lightning as long as they are in good shape. Honestly, with big furniture I haven't been able to sell through CL or a garage sale, I just end up donating to the Salvation Army, since they will pick up!

  4. I can not tell you how much i sympathize with your CL situation. in fact you just reminded me I have 2 things to list on there right now. Good luck with selling your set, wish I was closer I'd definitely come by to take a look!!


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