Monday, November 9, 2009


For the past few days I've been preoccupied with other matters and even though my heart was with my blog I just could not seem to find the time to devote to it. One of my distractions has been an ironing cabinet in my laundry room.

photo above...ironing board cabinet with door removed. Propped up against the wall and also stacked on top of the cabinet are the frame pieces that will soon be added to extend the depth of the too shallow cabinet.

I have always wanted an ironing cabinet as it was a chore to remove the ironing board from behind a mass of clutter in my utility room closet and then find a space and an electrical outlet where it could be set up. Once the ironing was done, the board had to be collasped and crammed back into an already over stuffed closet. So now I have this lovely ironing board cabinet only...the door wouldn't close. The reason was simply that my iron is too fat, it sticks out past its little shelf and impedes the ironing board from folding back up all the way, thus the board stuck out past the door latch which impeded the cabinet door from latching closed. We are talking about maybe a quarter of an inch at the most, if the cabinet had been 1/4 inch deeper my iron would fit beautifully, the board would fold all the way back and the cabinet door would snap shut just as it was designed to do.

photo above...shows side of ironing cabinet with the extended frame that my handy, and very cute, hubby added (the strip of gray wood to the left of the natural, unfinished pine on the side of the cabinet ) .

Rather that remove the whole cabinet from the wall, which might have been an impossible task, I came up with the idea of adding an additional section to the outer edge of the cabinet box. This would extend the depth of the cabinet and allow the door enough clearance to lock into its latch.

photo below...Meanwhile the plain flat, unfinished door of the cabinet has had a small frame of crown moulding added to it and is undergoing a paint job.

Perhaps it would have been much easier to have just bought a new and smaller iron but I really like the iron I have...I mean a really, really like it. I've had several irons in my lifetime and this one is my all time favorite. Also the cabinet had to be painted anyway as it was unfinished pine. Had anything splashed on it, such as bleach, liquid laundry detergent, or fabric softener, it would have soaked right in and have left unsightly stains.

So this has been one of many little annoying distractions. I keep thinking that the things to do will stop popping up but with our holidays right around the corner I know I am only kidding myself.


  1. So, did you do all that installation yourself? You're so handy!

  2. The old apartment we used to live in had an old ironing cabinet (the building was from the 1920s)... I never used it though, since it was solid wood.... oh, and it was on the wall in the middle of the dining room, so not very handy!

  3. You two are so handy around the house and alwys seem to find way to turn non functional things into virtual works of art (as evidenced by your UFO table!) I can not wait to see the results here! Good luck with it :-]


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