Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Jaunt To The Keys For Stone Crabs

For the last week my hubby has had a craving for stone crab, which is a seasonal delicacy available only from Nov to the first of May, and the best place around to savor these sweet, juicy gifts of the ocean is Moore's Stone Crab Restaurant.

So today found us out on the keys just off shore of Sarasota and Manatee county. Moore's, a bayside establishment of long standing, has a laid back tropical atmosphere and the quaint charm of a seaside shanty, it is located at the far northern end of Longboat Key just before you cross over to Anna Maria Island...or just after, depending on the direction you are traveling.

When we arrived at our destination the time was a tad early and the restaurant was not yet open for business. This afforded me an opportunity to snap a few photos.

Photo below...I believe this large Snowy Egret is a regular here at Moore's, as are many of the local sea birds.

Photo below...Not sure if he wants to go in for a bite of lunch or just have a cold drink out in the garden area?

Photo below..."Well, what do you recommend ? Indoors or out ?"

Photo below...Believe it or not this little fellow came up the stairs to the wrap around veranda of Moore's restaurant and then stood patiently next to this sign. How could I not take his photo?

Photo below...Think he has decided upon dockside dining and maybe a minnow or two.


  1. great photos...sounds like a wonderful far do you live from the Keys?

  2. I love that photo of him waiting for the hostess! What perfect timing! :)

    I visited FL a while ago because my aunt, uncle, and cousins lived there (in Pensacola). I loved the beaches and the scenery there. It was great! They've since moved around. Some are in Washington, some are back in Utah with the rest of us, and the youngest son is still living in the house in Pensacola. I'm thinking of going there for a vacation--it's always so relaxing in Florida.

  3. I love the picture by the sign. That's really cute. : )

  4. Bridget - Thanks for visiting my blog. I guess we're about 10 miles to the closest Key. We have a few Keys off our coast; Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Casey Key and then Anna Maria Island. All but Anna Maria Island are very upscale condos and multi million dollar homes. I love the island that bears my name because it is so laid back, relaxed, and unpretentious, kind of beach bum-margaritaville. LOL

    owlsomegifts - Thanks for the compliment. I enjoyed your blog too.

    Sara - I could not have asked for a more fortuitous about luck ! Florida is a great place to vacation in, has everything from the larger cities of Orlando, Miami and Tampa/St. Pete to quaint little beachside towns like Fort Walton Beach and Crystal River. There are the major attractions of Disney World and Universal City. And then there's the Florida Keys such as Key Largo, Key West, Sanibel and St. Marcos Islands, to name just a few of the more popular ones. I think a lot of the Keys have that old way down south in Dixie charm and tropical atmosphere that people associate with Florida.

    NaturallyComfy - I love that photo too. After his photo shoot I told him "I'll have my agent call your agent." Just hope he doesn't send me an outrageous bill for his freelance modeling. :D

  5. i love these photos!!! it looks like he was waiting for the hostess to seat him for a bit there. how cooperative he was and how lucky you were!!

    btw, i was born in bradenton!!

  6. Beautiful photos!

  7. Great photos! I looove birds and that is so beautiful!!!

  8. that is too cute! I love the photo of the bird walking away - it looks very satisfied.
    on the ginger flower - mine is on a small back patio in a pot. I was so thrilled to see it bloom.

  9. What a gorgeous bird. I agree the timing of the bird next to the sign, priceless :)

    I love reading your adventures, your photos are stories in themselves :)

    Have a great weekend, regards, T.


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