Thursday, March 18, 2010

Media Center Begins...

Work is commencing on our entertainment/media center.

Photo above...installation of the base cabinet boxes begins.

Photo of the things you have to contend with are all the wires. Is it possible to have a wireless media center ?

Image above...some of you may recall this picture of one of the end units to the media center.

Photo below...the cabinet boxes of the above image. We don't have the doors or drawers installed yet, John is still leveling and attaching them to the wall and to each other.

Photo below...The basic cabinet boxes are now installed. Still have the crown moulding to do.

Photo below...and then figure out how to run all those wires and cables so it doesn't look like a rat's nest...

I'm excited to see what it will look like when finished and yet also feel a tinge of apprehension; will it look the way I envision or will it be a disappointment ?


  1. Fantastic! It looks great already. You will love it, I know. But I also know what you mean about being apprehensive...when we moved into our house 24 years ago, I painted 2 walls in the living room peach. Then I hated it (and that was only paint!) and cried. My husband said to leave it and I liked is a lot the next day - had it like that for 10 years. But it wasn't initally what I had in my minds eye.

  2. what a lot of work! It'll look great when completed, and will feel so good to use.

  3. those wires look really daunting! oh, it is getting close! can't wait to see the end result. ;)

  4. Oh it looks like it is coming along wonderfully :)

    I am sure it will be awesome to have it finished.

    I get the wireless thing, I always tease my Hubby, because he will tell me it is wireless, but you can only go wireless once it is wired :) T.

  5. Its really coming together, gorgeous! It still kills me you have to veneer the sides yourselves but it looks like John is quite handy with all those clamps attached. No, sadly they haven't come out with completely wireless technology yet but I am with you in longing for the day it will arrive! Zip ties to bunch the cables together are what we have always found to work best. You're on the home stretch!

  6. It is going to be great. I never liked putting those things together, always seems easier than it really is..
    thanks for following my blog I'm following you now too.


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