Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Aspiring to be Inspiring

Photo above...Bead soup, or "Holy Moly, enough with the inspirations already !"

Is there such a thing as too much inspiration?

For the last couple of days I've been dabbling with my old love, crafting jewelry.
Trying not to get too involved and falling head over heels in love again, I began to look at a few of my "projects in waiting". Those are the things that I made but didn't quite like and so took apart to refashion at a later date. Picking up one project I found myself wrinkling my nose at the old ideas that had once filled my head; "What was I thinking? How drab!" Suddenly I was enveloped with inspiration...after inspiration...after inspiration and my small work tray soon looked like "Bead Soup".

Photo above...An idea for aqua and yellow on top with ideas for white opal and gold beads buried beneath them.

Obviously what I had dreaded happened, I was sick in love again and way in over my head. Perhaps when I get one or two of this forgotten projects done I will post them for your opinions and comments.
Photos above...Some black glass and my copper wire, stir with a pair of round nosed pliers, hm interesting.  And how about a lily sterling silver bead cap and a dangle of seed beads...only not in gold, how about using those gunmetal blue seed beads just above them ?  Oh and what if I.....


  1. I really love what you have done with the black glass and copper, maybe something black or deep green right above the wrapped wire and attach to earwires, voila earrings! Your bead soup looks like my dining room table pretty much all the time. The creativity comes out of the mess, right?

  2. Oh you have been having some fun. I am excited that you are inspired and look forward to seeing all your beautiful creations.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Day, T. :)

  3. Erin - Kynera's Jewels You're very close to what I did. :) I'll have to post the photos soon, though I'd love to get a picture of someone wearing them because they look great on and, unfortunately, not so much in a photo.

    Dear friend T: Thanks for stopping by, I always love your comments. Hope you have a wonderful day too.

  4. Ooooooooo I do that too! I have bracelets I need to restring because I made them to fit my thighs and a necklace that I bought beads for and another necklace I want the beads from for another project! LOL You are not alone in this!

    I like what you are doing and can't wait to see the finished product!


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