Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Tulip by Any Other Name ?

Photo above...My Mother's Day Tulip Plant

On Mother's Day my daughter, Kathi, had presented me with a pretty potted tulip.  Tulips are lovely but unfortunately very short lived and in just a few days the fat flower buds had burst open, displayed their pretty tulip blossoms and then wilted into something less attractive.
Photo above...Tulip in full bloom.

Though the tulip was not at the stage that I could place it outside and out of mind, it was not the most joyous thing to look at either.  That's when I was struck with an idea.  It was a prime candidate for photo enhancement.  After taking a few snap shots and playing around with my very rudimentary photo editing program I came up with these photos.

Photo above...My first attempt at photo enhancement using saturated colors

Photos above and below...These two enhanced photos are my favorite, I think they have an oriental quality to them and look more like artwork than photography. I am tempted to have one printed out, matted and framed, only trouble is I can't decide which one. They are similar yet very different.


  1. I LOVE tulips. Sadly, they don't last very long. Are you going to put the bulbs in the ground?

    I love what you did with the photos. I think the last one is my favorite.

  2. I love tulips--they are some of my favorite spring bulb flowers. I mourn when they fade because they aren't pretty. But you--Now that's clever! I like what you've done and it does give you an Asian feel to the flowers. I'm picturing either a wall grouping or a set of note cards from your talented artwork.

  3. pretty cool that you can make an old tulip look so great with your camera. Pretty amazing. Try some greasy old casserole dishes next! Seriously, I'll bet you could take some fairly ugly things and make them look cool with that photo enhancement!

  4. Hey Anna, they are beautiful :)

    Isn't it funny how we sometimes post about the exact same thing at the same time. Great minds think a like, I think we have some kind of Blogger ESP :)

    I love being able to take a photo that I really didn't think would work and combine it with another photo and play with all the tools to create a piece of art.

    You have done a wonderful job, I love that you can make a Tulip on it's final stage look like an Oriental Poppy. Gorgeous, let me know if you do print it, I would love to know how that goes.

    Have a wonderful Evening, T. :)

  5. Aly - I really need to save the bulbs and repot them next year. I don't think I'd plant them in the ground here as I'm not too sure how they would do in this sand that south Florida calls soil.

    Cathryn - Thank you, glad you like them. I really would like to see what they'd look like in print.

    Plantress - LOL, you are so sweet and too funny. Greasy casserole dishes; though I've seen my share of those I doubt that any photo enhancement would make them look attractive. :D

    T - We do seem to be on the same track on occasion, maybe we share some cosmic force or energy ? Just before I posted my blog I had checked to see if any of my favorite bloggers had a fresh post and briefly paid them a visit to read and comment. You hadn't yet updated your blog. Just seconds after I clicked to publish my new post, I noticed your new post popped up...we were absolutely just seconds apart in posting. Then when I visited your blog I had to laugh as we were basically on the same subject matter. I guess as they say; "Great minds think alike" LOL

  6. Those are really cool photos! They look like stationary or something - especially the last one. I've decided that some people just have a natural eye for artistic creativity. I am a logical thinker and my "artistic" side seems to be very realistic too. I'm just amazed at the truly creative and wonderful things others see, or create.

  7. I can see you are defintely "glass is half full" --- "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" kind of person. The enhanced wilted blooms came out gorgeous! Very, very creative.

  8. PS - to an engineer a 1/2 filled glass needs redesigning ;)

  9. I think the tulips are quite lovely in their graceful state of decay.

  10. They are beautiful and thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog!



  11. Anna those are amazing! I love that you were able to take something not so attractive and shake it up to find the true beauty inside it. I'd definitely print both if it were up to me, they would look lovely in any room really. The second one is a little more calming, like you said it definitely has an oriental quality. But the first is vibrant and full of life (in the truest of irony since the flowers are dying). Just beautiful!


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