Monday, September 13, 2010

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

Our local hawks come visiting with frequent regularity and for some reason this particular utility pole is a favorite perch.  Unfortunately I'm still packing my old camera around, yes the one held together with a big purple rubber band, so I continue to be without the zoom capacity that is required for sharp close-up shots.  Earlier Jr.'s dad was perched on the wire alongside of  him but since I had to approach so close the older, wiser patriarch flew off to a branch of a tall tree just a short distance away. 
Our front yard is a favorite hunting ground for them,  I certainly hope they've been busy catching the little moles that have created a major highway system of burrows in our yard.


  1. My boys LOVE to spot these guys. We have a GIGANTIC nest in our back woods and have yet to figure out who is in it but they are sure it belongs to a hawk !

  2. We love hawks too! We also have falcons along the expressway to spot. At least you can get pics to share with us, it's hard when hubby is driving 65 down the road!


  3. I wonder if they perch there to get a better view of you? Teehee.. they are probably just as interested and jealous they don't have a camera to take pics with. ;)

  4. They are such majestic birds, I love watching them when I am drving along the freeway, not the smartest thing to do, I know, but that is where they hang out :)

    Nice shots :) T.

    P.S. I do have a sun roof, so I am not too much of a danger really (He! He!) :)


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